How to Install Metasploit in Android using Termux

In this article, we are going to see one of the topics being asked by people on the web again and again. As we know there several techniques and tools which are used for hacking android devices. On such a powerful way is by using Metasploit in the required android phone using the termux. This way has grabbed the attention of many android device hackers and that is the reason is been used extensively. Before I can get started with all the required steps let’s try to understand some initial terms that will make the steps simpler to be understood.

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What is Metasploit?

This term can be described as a penetrating testing framework that can make the process of hacking simpler. This tool is very important for all kind of people associated with hacking such as attackers and defenders. The initial process is defined in a very simple form such as first just point out Metasploit at your required target then you need to pick an exploit and there you need to enhance what payload you need to drop and soon after than press enter to proceed. 

There is much proper definition been provided by the platform of Wikipedia according to which Metasploit can be defined as a project that associated with the field of computer security and can provide all relevant information regarding security vulnerabilities and the aid in the process of penetration testing with the involvement of IDS signature development. This is owned by Boston, Massachusetts-based security company Rapid7.

According to a lot of people in is the best-known sub-project that is available. It is the open-n source Metasploit framework tool that is used for developing and executing an exploit code against the available remote target machine. The other important subproject that is made available is including the opcode database, shellcode achieves and many other related research topics that are kind of important here.

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How to install Metasploit framework in Termux without the use of Root and with this the installing of MS console in Android 2021:

Step 1:

In this step, you are required to open the termux app in your required android device and soon after opening that proceeds with the command cd and hit the enter button

Step 2:

In this step if you can see the storage along with the name of your device then it is totally fine but if it might be possible that this thing is not shown in many cases. In such a situation the requirement is to set up storage so that the storage folder can be shown for this kindly type the command below and then hit the enter button.


Step 3:

In this step when you are done with executing the above command you will be able to see a popup (Ki) of the Termux where you need to press the allow button.

Step 4:

Now soon after that, you need to type the command cd or ls. Through this command, you will be able to see that the folder with the storage will be visible in front of you. The other thing that is needed to be done is to update the entire package of the Termux application. In case you face any kind of problem kindly type the below-written command and press enter.

“pkg upgrade”

Soon after writing this, you will be able to see the package up-gradation easily

Step 5:

After this, you need to start the installation of a package named curl in your termux application. The curl package is completed to be installed all the related services with this package will be started automatically. By services I mean here wherever termux has been used such as FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, pop3, SMTP, SMTPs, smb, telnet, LDAP and many others.

You are just needed to write the command install curl and then press enter.

“apt-get install curl”

Step 6:

Now in this step, the chance of wget has arrived. As we know this is a repository of Linux. As of now, any file can be easily downloaded through this terminal. You just need to type the command of wget and hit enter to proceed.

“pkg install wget”

Now you are good to proceed further without much difficulty

Step 7:

This step may require some permissions kindly press yes wherever asked for. Now you need to download the Metasploit framework for this kindly type the command mentioned below and then press enter.


Step 8:

The framework is downloaded successfully know you just need to enter some of the commands and after that, the platform is good to be used to you for hacking any required android device.


“chmod +x”


Kindly follow all the steps properly without missing any of them. I hope the article was useful for all my readers.

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