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A Guide to Online SEO Training Courses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been in the market for quite a long period. It all started in 1997, but Jason Gambert was the person who coined the term SEO in 2007. SEO aims to bring your website on top of the search engine result page, increase the visibility of your webpage for the organically searched queries, and drive more traffic to the website.  By […]

Top blogging mistakes to avoid

Blogging mistakes for beginners is quite common for the newbie bloggers as they lack experience in blogging, content writing, SEO and social media. These sort of blogging mistakes by beginners would ultimately result in loosing patience with blogging and they left blogging as they start thinking that there is no money in online blogging. But the truth is opposite to it. In fact one can […]

List of High PR Blog Commenting Sites 2020

What is Blog Commenting?   Blog Commenting is the method that allows communication between bloggers and blog readers. The bloggers post the blogs and the readers use to comment over the post about their queries or whatever they think is relevant to the blog posts. Blog commenting is also widely use by the webmasters to gain search engine rankings. In fact most of the new […]

Local Keyword Searches in SEO and Digital Marketing

One really cannot ignore the local keyword searches in SEO and Digital Marketing as they do have great importance in Digital Marketing.  It is the local keyword searches that can reduce the competition of your business and increase you the chances of sales and conversions by giving you the option of targeting just the most potential customers who are searching nearby your business. The chances […]

Local Business SEO Tips in Digital Marketing

Local Business SEO Tips in Digital Marketing Digital Marketing is wider concept and it involved number of factors and methods to promote your business online. One can even target local audiences or visitors by narrowing down the digital marketing campaign target area. This way the competition is decreased and one can get targeted customers to their business that do have more chances of conversion as […]

Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform Ever

When it comes to blogging, I highly recommend you use WordPress for Professional Blogging. I have experienced a much better results after I migrated from Blogger to WordPress last week. WordPress is a robust content management system which is rapidly being used by bloggers from all corners of the globe. Benefits of using WordPress Platform for your Blog After using WordPress, these are the reasons I think […]

6 Ultimate Ways To Get More Comments On Your Blog

Every blogger today know the advantages of getting more comment on blog. If you are getting more comments simply means that more and more visitors are engaging with your blog posts. But how to encourage comments on your blog and how to encourage your visitors to comment on your blog posts is what we would discuss in this article. No doubt, increase comments on blog […]