What is Termux and how do we use it?

Some questions have been encountered on the web on a large scale. A few of these questions are how can one use android for hacking, which app is considered as best for hacking on android. Well, the answer is Termux for sure. But apart from this, there are many misconceptions about this application in the market. The most common one is many of us consider that the app converts the android into a hacking machine well I would not term this statement as wrong but some limitations are kept into consideration while using the termux application. However, the main questions will always be what is termux, how does the application works, is this application a standalone source available for android hacking and much more. To answer all these important questions about termux kindly continue to read this article further as till the end most of your doubts will be solved for sure.

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What is Termux?

So, if you are interested in hacking then this must be not the first time you are hearing about this application known as termux. In short, termux is an android application that is defined as a terminal emulator as well as a Linux environment which is designed to run most of the Linux package on android. However, the user must keep his expectations within a limit as the termux application do not possess all the capabilities of Linux. But I would suggest this application be tried as it has a pretty decent offer present in there. The user interface of this application lacks any sort of graphical tool due to which all the commands are required to be written each time which is of course time-consuming.

Main Features of Termux

So, if you are someone who doesn’t like to repeat certain task then this app is not something that will suit you. But for the people who knows how Linux works and have some knowledge in correspondence to that will find this application quite fantastic and useful for sure. As the basic idea behind the working of this app is that it brings a Linux environment to android so that the users can do Linux commands in an android environment. One thing that you must remember here is that android Linux is also an open-source operating system and that is the whole reason or answer behind the question of why is that so powerful. Let’s now see some of the features offered by this application. As termux offers several features which can be utilized for different purposes one such interesting feature is that the application offers are the ability to run various kinds of packages that are basically for brute force and other important network attacks. This is in total quite attractive for those people who are interested in network security and hacking domains. There are many features such as:

  1. The application provides support for bash and zsh shells
  2. The users can edit files with nano and vim.
  3. Allow access to ssh servers
  4. One can easily develop the c language using make, clan and gdb
  5. There is even ability provided to use the python console
  6. The users can run can check the project on GitHub
  7. The source games can also be run using Frontz

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Why We Use Termux?

Now as now we are aware of the best features the termux application offers so let us know why should we use this very application or why termux is so much in demand. Now it’s clear that the application is a Linux terminal application. But apart from this, it’s often known as a hacking machine. So basically, the program present inside the app takes instruction and then runs the script. But this does not mean that termux is a standalone hacking application. As we know in some Linux distribution such as kali, parrot OS we can find a lot of tools that can be utilized for penetration testing.

How to Use Termux?

In this, most of the tools available are CLI based which means they are enabled to run through a terminal. Apart from this, we can even install various other tools and then run the script as per our choice. Now coming to android where we get a GUI environment. All these tools work without any command-line utility in here our termux application is used to install many important tools in android. As we know the android is based on the modified Linux kernels. Bash scripting can be easily used here. Termux is very useful in such scenarios. So, if you google this application there are millions of tutorial videos application on how this application can be used for different purposes. The termux application can easily run git projects as well as commands. Apart from this, it is also able to run hack and penetration projects as well as commands.

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To download this application kindly click on the link provided below:




I hope the information shared above was useful to all my readers.

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