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Top 6 Blogging Tips for Beginners in 2018 for Digital Marketers

Top tips for new bloggers to help them succeed in 2019′s Digital Marketing era. It is the usual trend of every blogger to think that their tension would end as soon as their first post is published. But this is actually not in reality. Just publishing a post won’t do the final thing for your blog. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. Whenever you start […]

Why your BLOG’s Traffic is Dropped What to do

You might have come to this article to know why has my blog traffic dropped or why website traffic down or you might noticed sudden drop in blog traffic. There might be several reasons from which you can analyze as why your blog not getting traffic. You might not considering the reader’s or visitors’ perspective while writing the blog post or you might miss the […]

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic in One Hour

You might be here while searching how to increase blog traffic fast or something related terms as you are worried why your blog not getting traffic? So, in this article we will let you know some proved methods as how to increase blog traffic for free and fast. The tricks to increase blog traffic here can be used by any blogger. The strategies we mention […]

Strategies for Growing Communities on Your Blog

How to Grow your blog audience in internet world is one of the questions that arise in the minds of bloggers. Growing a blog audience would definitely help you to increase your blog traffic, conversions and visitors. You should know different tips and tricks in blogging as how to grow blog community to increase your visitor or reader base. While blogging you should know all […]

Top 5 Blogging Platforms in Digital Marketing

Blogging has become a new medium to share thoughts and it’s also a growing carrier opportunity for a group of people. As the numbers of bloggers increased several premium and free blogging services appeared on the cyberspace. So if you are trying your hands in blogging for the first time then its better go for a free platform and gather some experience without losing money. […]

6 Ultimate Ways To Get More Comments On Your Blog

Every blogger today know the advantages of getting more comment on blog. If you are getting more comments simply means that more and more visitors are engaging with your blog posts. But how to encourage comments on your blog and how to encourage your visitors to comment on your blog posts is what we would discuss in this article. No doubt, increase comments on blog […]

Backup WordPress Blog To Dropbox + Plugins

Need backup solution for your wordpress blog. Then why not use the dropbox.In this article I will share a guide on how to use backWPup plugin. I have also included a video tutorial for better understanding of its powerful features. I have also listed out few of the excellent wordpress backup to dropbox plugins. The best part is, they all are free to use and […]