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How to become a Cyber Security expert in India

The field of cybersecurity is in high demand in the current situation where the world is dealing with COVID-19 and every individual is forced to carry all his or her work from work with the extreme use of the internet. As we already are aware that the domain of cybersecurity mainly deals with protecting information online. There are designed firewall systems that are mainly held […]

Cyber Security Trends 2021

The new year 2021 has brought up many surprises. Almost all the important sectors have come up with their most famous trends that may take place within the year or so. The chances that the trends can be supported or prevented is by having depth knowledge of that particular topic. However, these are just prediction so may happen or may not mostly depend on various […]

How to do a SQL Injection Attack

Have you ever thought of the thing which is important when you are running a web application? Well, the answer is none other than the database. This thing indicates the fact that one should provide the best security to the database and this is mainly for the sake of the service community. But for an instant just imagine even after you are providing the best […]

Cyber Laws in India

The world of the internet is vast. It consists of both a good and bad side that is been used by several people nowadays. The world of the internet provides many cyber-criminals to get over various information of people and then misuse it for their benefits such as selling it to the third party in exchange for money, threatens the user and ask money in […]

How to Install Metasploit in Android using Termux

In this article, we are going to see one of the topics being asked by people on the web again and again. As we know there several techniques and tools which are used for hacking android devices. On such a powerful way is by using Metasploit in the required android phone using the termux. This way has grabbed the attention of many android device hackers […]

How to Hack Android Phones by Sending a Link

Disclaimer: In this post, we are going to cover the topic of how to hack android phones with the use of a simple link which is illegal. The users must use this post to learn how this thing is taken place by a hacker so that they can aware so such a problem going on. This is more of an awareness article. The method that […]

How to use Shodan to find webcams

The use of a search engine index in most websites nowadays has enhanced efficiency as well as the ability. This concept is even applied to internet-connected devices too. Shodan mainly works for indexes like webcams, printers, and even the database which is easy control through the industrial website. All these if seen carefully then provide an easy gateway for the hackers to target upon. The […]