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How to Integrate ChatGpt with Whatsapp

Integrating ChatGPT with WhatsApp would involve using the WhatsApp Business API to send and receive messages from the WhatsApp platform and then using the GPT-3 API to generate responses to messages received. The specific implementation details depend on the programming language and framework you are using and the details of your use case. Using a developer with experience in both WhatsApp API and GPT-3 integration […]

How to Restore deactivate WhatsApp Account

For a variety of reasons and circumstances, individuals have accidentally deleted several WhatsApp accounts. After uninstalling or totally erasing their WhatsApp account, many users discover it is too late and they have lost all of their important chats and data. Of course, a genuine mistake is the most frequent cause of a user-initiated removal. The extra options include the following: Unless it’s rife with faults, […]

How to Recognize and Prevent WhatsApp Scams?

In the modern world, WhatsApp‘s 2 billion users send around 100 billion messages a day. Among those messages, scammers wait to plunder the unsuspecting. In recent years, Whatsapp has become a straightforward method for scammers to distribute fraudulent messages through various means with the intention of taking advantage of vulnerable users. In response to the growing popularity of WhatsApp, cybercriminals are taking advantage of its […]

How to Delete WhatsApp Message for Everyone After Time Limit?

Nowadays, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging tools in the world. There are many useful features to help users create messages. After sending messages, users can choose a time limit for viewing messages or set messages to “delete for everyone after this time”. However, many users do not know how to delete WhatsApp messages for everyone after a time limit. When using WhatsApp […]

How to Make Your Own Whatsapp Stickers

What are Whatsapp Stickers? Whatsapp stickers are the small little photos or text that you can put on your friend’s chats and it gives them a little bit of colour to chat. It’s an easy way to give someone an inside joke, especially for young people who don’t know each other well. The problem with stickers is that they’re not free, and you have to […]

Send WhatsApp Messages Without Saving Number

If you have an iPhone and want to know how to send a WhatsApp message without saving the number, then here are some solutions for you. It is easy to find the contact number of any person on an iPhone, but it can be annoying if this happens every time you enter someone’s number. It is a great feature that you can send a message […]

How to turn on disappearing messages in WhatsApp Android and iPhone?

When switched on, WhatsApp‘s vanishing messages feature means that new messages sent inside a single conversation will automatically vanish after 24 hours, seven days, or 90 days. Disappearing messages is a feature accessible on some other platforms, such as Signal, but here is how it works on WhatsApp, as well as what to look out for and how to activate it. Disappearing messages is the […]