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How to Fix Headphones not Working during WhatsApp Video Call?

When making video calls, earphones or headphones come in helpful. Because they have in-built microphones, these devices improve call quality. However, earphones, whether connected or wireless, may sometimes fail you during a WhatsApp video or regular conversation. The issue of earphones not functioning on WhatsApp video calls may be caused by a number of factors, including broken software or hardware. You may solve one of […]

WhatsApp Message Disappearing Feature

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that WhatsApp users would soon have all-new one-on-one communications immediately wiped from the service to enable disappearing messages.  They said that people who use the Meta-owned messaging service can now choose how long before a message is deleted. When the feature was first released in November last year, users could only make messages disappear after seven days, and now, users […]

How to use whatsapp business for marketing

Whatsapp is massive and the most popular messaging application in the world currently with over 1.5 billion monthly active users across 180 countries and it counting. Messaging has been used by many people across the world some for the purpose of documenting the conversation between the people. It is a mode of fast communication unlike the tradition text where the text content is limited and […]

USA Whatsapp Group links

Today, we are all quite busy and put in long hours in the workplace and in other fields. We need some kind of entertainment in our spare time, and we cannot function well without it. As a result, we like watching movies, playing games, and engaging in other enjoyable activities. Now, if you want to join the greatest American Whatsapp Group Link in order to […]

PUBG Hacking Whatsapp Group List

Pubg is a multiplayer online combat arena game. It was just recently released in 2018, according to the author. Pubg has created a presence in China. It is often regarded to be the most popular game, with a large number of people enjoying it. A large number of hackers participate in the Pubg game. A large number of hackers are present in most war games, […]

PUBG WhatsApp Group Link List

PUBG is one of the widely played games around the globe and it would not be wrong to say that the game has influenced the life of every player in some or other way around. Apart from that this game is on the list of most enjoyed games in the online gaming world. Any sort of news related to this game is very important for […]

Qatar Job Vacancy WhatsApp Group Link List

Nowadays if you want to be connected to the community in search of a job, lifestyle, travel, accommodation or almost anything else then the easiest a well affordable way to get yourself a link is through an official WhatsApp group. It is quite understood that many people out there do not believe these groups to be safe for many possible reasons. Well in that case […]