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Fake Phone Number Apps to Make WhatsApp Account

If you’re a frequent WhatsApp user, you’ve probably come across people who have foreign phone numbers in their WhatsApp Contacts. They are, however, citizens of a different country. Most of the time, these are people who are either promoting products or services, or they are simply playing the fool. The real question is how to make WhatsApp with fake numbers. In case you weren’t aware, […]

How to know if someone has blocked me on WhatsApp

As we know that WhatsApp is an active app that has millions of users that use it on daily basis for both personal as well as professional work. This app is undoubtedly one of the most popular apps used for messaging. The platform is trusted and that is the reason it is widely used across the world. There are many apps like this which has […]

How to disable WhatsApp stickers

As per many people, the concept of WhatsApp stickers was nothing but an annoying feature that is actually of no use in the first place. Apart from this several among them started hating the overall concept of WhatsApp stickers considering them way too annoying or I can say downright intrusive. This is the main reason that most of the people using this amazing messenger app […]

How to restore WhatsApp chats from Google Drive

WhatsApp app has been experiencing a huge problem associated with the transfer of data. As we know this is one of the widely used apps which is used by people belonging to every age group. It is an instant messaging app available for both androids as well as iPhone users. People use this app for social communication, business contacts, meetings, studies and many other important […]

How to copy WhatsApp status video of others

It has been a decade since the amazing app of WhatsApp entered as a blessing in our lives and since then it has made various ongoing troubles faced by human connect quite easy. The app has been coming up with a lot of advanced features from time to time and each time something new makes an amazing entry. The feature of the status video is […]

How to make WhatsApp Web Video call

Almost everyone who is been reading this article is well aware of the WhatsApp Messenger app that has made human life easy. People can connect to almost everyone, living anywhere with the features provided via this very app. Whether you are a student, professional, businessman everyone in this era is highly dependent on this app for their day-to-day work, studies etc. The main idea behind […]

How to record WhatsApp call on an android and iPhone

As soon the use of WhatsApp became quite popular among people the start of using WhatsApp call increased and there is the various reason due to which it became a continues to practice. The most common reason which is being noticed is the calling facility offered through this very app is quite reliable in comparison to the normal call which drops several times in between. […]