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Remove Sound from Whatsapp Video

WhatsApp is one of the most used apps worldwide. The app has been used from past few years for almost all the purpose whether it’s a professional or a personal purpose and all this is because the app has a lot of features that makes it is quite smooth to be used. Over the time the app was launched there were plenty of features added […]

How to turn off Read Receipts in WhatsApp and Facebook

WhatsApp and Facebook both have a read receipt feature that notifies the sender when their message has been read. Read receipts are an important part of messaging app communication. It enables users to determine whether or not their message was received by the intended recipient. The read receipt function is supported by WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger which all have different ways of notifying the sender […]

How to Mark WhatsApp chats Unread on Android and iPhone

What is WhatsApp? It is a cross-platform freeware, centralised messaging and VoIP service, that is owned by Facebook. When it comes to communication, you can send text, voice, and video messages, make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, locations, and other content. WhatsApp can be accessed on both mobile and desktop devices, but the user’s mobile device must be connected to the Internet […]

How to share Facebook Video on WhatsApp Without Link

Since people are constantly spreading rumours on the internet about Facebook integrating Facebook and WhatsApp, it’s safe to assume that the rumours are, in fact, true. In addition, there were claims from some technology blogs that Facebook is working on getting Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to connect. We will show you various methods that you can use to share Facebook videos on WhatsApp and without […]

How to Unbanned from WhatsApp Quickly

Over a billion people use WhatsApp across the globe. According to a report from 99Firms, free messaging platform users make as many as 300 million phone calls daily. Only few users realize that the app has certain “Terms of Service” that must be followed if one’s account is banned, most people aren’t aware of the Terms of Service. Even so, it is possible to rescind […]

Dual WhatsApp for Android (Anti-Ban)

WhatsApp Messenger, or simply WhatsApp, is a Facebook-owned cross-platform freeware centralised messaging and voice-over-IP (VoIP) service. Users can send text and voice messages, make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other content. WhatsApp’s client application runs on mobile devices, but it can also be accessed from a desktop computer as long as the user’s mobile device is connected to the […]

Enable Dark mode in WhatsApp without Root

As most of us are already aware that WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular messenger app that is been used by billions of people worldwide for their personnel as well as professional work. I would not claim the fact wrong that there is not even an android phone which is ruled by this app. The user interface of this app is amazing due […]