How to Send Protected Files on Nokia Smartphones.

“Unable to send protected object” This is the error that you would have probably come across, while trying to send specific files through the default File Manager that comes with Nokia mobile phones. This is the reason why people prefer to install 3rd party applications like FExplorer, FileMan, etc. But what if you don’t have any of them and want to send a protected file […]

Play Gaming Consoles’ Titles on PC – List of the Best Emulators.

First of all, I’m sorry for not bringing up content in a while, I’m back. I’ve decided to write more detailed posts, so expect better content in coming days. Wouldn’t it be so good if you were able to play the exclusive releases done for consoles, on your own PC, at your comfort? If you’re a hardcore gamer, this post is certainly a big treat […]

A Complete Guide for Switching to Ubuntu.

What is Ubuntu? Ubuntu is one of the cleanest and most widely used Linux distribution, well-suited for average users. You don’t need to be a labeled Geek to install and use Ubuntu. It’s quite easy to get along with it – you would love it from the first sight! Ubuntu Desktop Below is an easy tutorial that’ll help you to install Ubuntu on your PC. […]

Java Logs are Boring Powerful and Simple Techniques to Make Them Valuable!.

What can you do with your java logs? First, Java offers a lot of logging libraries starting from Java Util Logging to more sophisticated ones such as SLF4J and Log4J2. Then, to make things even more complex, each open source library comes with its own logging standards which adds a layer of complexity to your java logs proper configuration and interpretation. From our own experience, Java […]

4 Hard Facts to Swallow for Modern App Performance.

And how Log Monitoring is going to save your life When looking at the current ongoing challenges of modern app development, we see a couple of hard facts tech teams should confront – should they wish to gracefully embrace the upcoming app-centric era. Modern apps are fundamentally different from what they used to be. Rapidly evolving and increasingly complex, they have become operationally unpredictable. There is […]

Python logging best practices with JSON steroids.

In critical systems such as planes, elevators or trains there are boxes logging everything, all the time. Because if the system crashes, somebody will have to understand what happened to prevent further occurrences. The same goes for mobile or web apps: if it matters to at least one user, you can be sure that in case of failure a guy somewhere will be in charge […]

Why and how should you collect your JavaScript errors and logs.

When I started coding in professional organisations in the mid-2000s thick clients was the standard. Companies were producing mostly Java, .NET or C++ deliverables that had to be installed over sometimes thousands of machines. I had the chance to witness the shift to thin clients, enabled as it was by the rise of the Internet and modern web browsers such as Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, Opera, […]