How to Hide WhatsApp Last Seen

There are many features in WhatsApp that makes it unique and quite a favourite among a huge group of people worldwide. One such feature we are going to highlight in today’s article known to be last seen in WhatsApp. Many users are these who make use of this feature due to security and privacy reasons. But many of times we are quite desperate to check […]

WhatsApp Hack without Phone

When we talk about social networks than one name would be defined in it known as WhatsApp. This is one of the greatest social media platforms highly used by the people around the globe. There are many primitive methods used for messaging as well as chatting. WhatsApp is considered to one of the upgrading methods above all the primitive methods used previously. The platform has […]

How to do WhatsApp Marketing

There are many times that the people around us have asked this question like do you have a WhatsApp account? I would not be shocked it that same question has been asked to you too. The WhatsApp has gained quite a popularity since the year 2009. The app is intensively used by almost the whole population around the globe. Do you know that there are […]

How to create Custom Room in PUBG Mobile

The e-sports are quite popular nowadays among most of the players worldwide. When the list starts then I am sure that one game would surely in it known as players unknown battleground. But the players call it PUBG. The game has gained a lot of popularity since it was introduced in the market. Till date, it’s one of the popular virtual sportspeople are so fond […]

How to Fix Mic Glitch in PUBG Mobile

Like a few days back PUBG mobile got banned in India we were surely bad news for all the gamers who reside here. From that time there are lots of players who have been facing errors and issues regarding the mic glitch, server issues in reconnecting, high ping, network issues and much more than that. There is the old server of the PUBG which is […]

Among US Cheats and Hacks

If you are a person who is into games then it would be sure that all the interesting games been introduced recently in past one year would be familiar to you. One such game that was recently introduced and is an only small duration of time was able to get a huge fan following is Among US. The game was something different from all the […]

PUBG Mobile KD System

The new season of PUBG the season 13 has made its arrival in the market. With its introduction comes a lot of new features that would give the next level of experience to all the PUBG lovers. The game already has a huge fan following in the gaming world and with this new update, the game is all new and ready to be explored again. […]