Fortnite is leaving early access status

On July 25, 2017, almost three years ago, Fortnite saw the light of day with the now minor “Save the World” PVE mode. The free Battle Royale mode followed on September 26, 2017, which explosively brought the game to a lot of fame. To date, the survival mode has thrilled millions of players and has caused a sensation worldwide with several PR stunts by developers […]

CoD: Season 4 Reloaded brings 200 players

CoD: Season 4 Reloaded brings 200 players to Verdansk As of Tuesday morning, June 30, 2020, the “Reloaded” update for the fourth Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season is available! In addition to a new operator called “Roze”, the patch also brings the new multiplayer map “Cheshire Park” into play. But that’s not all. The most exciting news is still waiting. So fans of the […]

How to get the firefly jar in Fortnite?

As new Fortnite seasons come out and the game takes advantage of new updates, Epic Games teams are adding new items and weapons to it, with things sometimes more than unlikely like today with the new grenade (explosive weapon) … The firefly jar! Launch this jar on your opponents in battle royale mode so that they ignite immediately for several seconds forcing them to come out of their […]

Teen patti Hacks

Octro Teen Patti Hacking Tricks Octro Teen patti is one of the famous online poker game that is mostly played in Asain countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The game is quite famous among these Asian countries and people love to play Teen patti game. The game is all about challenging other players in the different table that is having different boot values.  Many […]

Top 10 Survival Games

Introduction:   In this article we are providing you top 10 survival games of 2020 for PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Are you tough enough to survive in these survival MMOs and games? Survival games have a very special appeal. They always demand that you do not lose and survive by all possible means. They reward your skill with wonderful surroundings to explore and […]

Blockchain: Economic Potential and Challenges

Blockchain is no longer just the technology behind almost 2,000 different online payment methods. Trustworthy transactions and secure proof of origin make blockchain a promising new technology for companies in many industries and also for some areas of public administration. The current study “Blockchain in the Integrated Energy Transition” by the German Energy Agency (DENA) lists eleven possible applications in the energy sector alone. The greatest potential lies […]

What is Blockchain and How to Use it

What is Blockchain? Blockchain is a technology trend, even hype, but blockchain implementations are already a reality. But many are still wondering: what is blockchain and how can I use it for myself and my company? Also Read: What is Cryptojacking attack, how to prevent? So I would like to start with an explanation of blockchain: Blockchain is a technology that offers companies the opportunity to […]