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How to Identify a Fake Facebook ID

This year, Facebook has crossed 2.3 Billion users. Facebook estimated that over 10 percent of these accounts to be false or duplicate. Facebook uses multiple strategies to identify fake profiles, but this is not sufficient. It’s not just a matter of Facebook, but also of real users like me and you. How do we trust a Facebook person? Several users complains that they are being […]

How to download videos from Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms is considered very useful. Through this wide network, we can stay connected with our friends, family as well as colleagues. This is the way we can easily maintain our social life which is one of the most essential need nowadays. Apart from this the platform of Facebook is considered the largest sharing website too. There are […]

How To Get Verified Badge On Facebook

How To Get Verified Badge On Facebook Social Media life or online media Platform has countless fake accounts. Knowing this, it looks good that associations like Facebook and Snapchat let just unmistakable individuals and associations affirm or confirm themselves to show that they’re real. The checking system, accordingly, shows in case you’re in reality genuine or not.  On Facebook, when they affirm a person of […]

How to Download Videos From Instagram

How to Download Videos From Instagram Instagram doesn’t have an option to save a video to your camera roll, however, it accomplishes have a few workarounds for saving the file to share, reuse, or save later. In this post, I’ll depict the five best options for How to Download Videos From Instagram on your phone or PC.  Also Read: How to Delete Instagram Account Method […]

How to Get Tiktok Subscribers

11 free ways to earn TikTok subscribers You might have published several videos on your Tiktok account and updating your profile regularly to get tiktok subscribers but ultimately not gaining them at a pace that you want to have. Results might be bit frustrating for you as you are doing lots of efforts but not getting popularity and subscribers on Tiktok. You might have also […]

How to Check Fake Twitter Followers of Your Twitter Account

Undoubtedly, the internet world is filled with both original and fake users, especially the social networks that are currently used by millions of different users, including some bad-ass advertisers and marketers which target social networks for their massive campaigns and host hundreds of fake accounts on both social network and social bookmarking websites to get some instant hype in front of readers and search engines […]

15 Pinterest Marketing Tips to Design your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Before starting the article on Pinterest Marketing Tips, I like to have a little question & answers with you guys. Do you like the Pinterest? • Does the Beginners’ Tip worked for you? • How you see Pinterest in your marketing campaigns? • Do you believe it is a game changer in the strict Google Panda & Penguin Era? Pinterest is the rising star in […]