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How to Set Up a Game Developer Studio

If you’re one of the billions of people currently stuck at home, you might find yourself in the exact same scenario that I’ve found myself: really bored and lacking things to do. And, if you’re really like me, you’ve dreamed of developing games, yet never really had the time to do so.This is the story of how I started developing games and a way for […]

Why Are Studies On Violent Video Games So Controversial?

Here we go again. The topic of violent video games and how they might be influencing the behavior of a whole generation of gamers is always finding its way into our newsfeed one way or another. Often times, the media brings it up during roundtable conversations with experts, parents and concerned citizens to make sense out of a mass shooting, for example. In the heat […]

Developing a game while learning the Godot game engine

The Godot Game Engine is a powerful tool in the game developer’s toolbox. If you haven’t given it a try yet, I will totally recommend you do it. Here’s my thoughts while making my first game on it.  Developing a game while learning a new development framework can be challenging. After releasing my first indie game on Steam, I decided my next game would be coded in the Godot game engine. […]

Unity Event systems interfaces

A Unity Event, or the UnityEvent generic abstract class is very useful for customizing GUI behavior. In this tutorial, I will show you how I’m using it for my game Lemonade.  I was trying to figure out what to do next on my game “Lemonade”. And after much thought, and a lot of wasting time, I decided to have a crack at making some better looking […]

Tutorial How to Make a Jump Pad in Unity

Jump Pad in Unity 3D – Jump pads or bounce platforms are a cool feature typically found in platform games. They’re very easy to implement on Unity 3D. Let me show you how.  I’m working on the game The Legend of Namuria and some people on Twitter asked me for a short tutorial on how I implemented some of its features on Unity. Here we go. In this short […]

Good night knight game review

Tale as old as time: the sage predicts the prophecy of a chosen one and summons upon a noble knight into a sacred mission to gather all the holy relics to bring redemption to the world. Except, Good Night, Knight is none of that crap. In this action RPG, you play as a “Holy Diver”, a quite literally fallen hero that crashes the party of a typical […]

NUTS Review: A Slow Burn Game About Squirrels

We usually refer to gaming genres as our comfort zones for choosing what to play next. We usually trust those pre-set patterns that define these genres before we “buy now” on our favorite online gaming stores. Thankfully, some games defy these pre-set patterns. NUTS is one of those games. It is a mesmerizing and bold game. NUTS shows us that indie games are special in their own […]