ESL BGMI Pro Series LAN Finals

Hey there, BGMI enthusiasts! Get ready to witness some heart-pounding action as the ESL BGMI Pro Series LAN Finals are just around the corner. Let’s dive into the details and see what this epic event has in store for us. A Thrilling Battle for Supremacy Picture this: 16 top-notch teams battling it out over three … Read more

Godlike Esports’ BGMI Lineup: Amar Spills the Beans

Hey there, esports enthusiasts! Have you been keeping up with the latest buzz in the BGMI scene? Well, hold onto your gaming chairs because Amar, the Co-owner of Godlike Esports, just dropped some major news in a recent live stream. Let’s dive into the details! Section Summary Introduction Introduction to Godlike Esports and its journey … Read more

Minecraft 1.21 Wind Charge

Hey there, fellow Minecrafters! Have you heard about the latest addition to the game? It’s none other than the intriguing Wind Charge introduced in Minecraft 1.21 snapshot 24w06a. Let’s dive into the details and explore this exciting new feature together! Heading Content Introduction Explore the latest Minecraft 1.21 update featuring the Wind Charge, a unique … Read more

BGIS 2024 To Incorporate 10 Point System

Hey there, fellow BGMI enthusiasts! I’ve got some exciting news fresh from the latest livestream by BGMI caster Mazy. It seems like the next big thing in the Battlegrounds Mobile India scene, BGIS 2024, is gearing up to shake things up with a brand new point system. Heading Content Introduction BGIS 2024, set to start … Read more

Modern Warfare 3 Will Soon Include PvP Zombies mode

Exciting rumors are swirling around the gaming community about the potential addition of a PvP zombies mode in Modern Warfare 3. While there’s no official confirmation yet, data miners have uncovered intriguing hints in the game files, sparking speculation among players. Key Points Details Rumors of PvP Zombies Mode Speculation suggests Modern Warfare 3 may … Read more

BGMI Rising Star Showdown S3 2024

In an intense battle of skill and collaboration, Carnival Gaming emerged as the champions of the BGMI Rising Star Showdown Season 3. The Grand Finals witnessed thrilling performances from top teams, showcasing their prowess in the battlegrounds. Team Position Points Eliminations Chicken Dinners Carnival Gaming 1st 155 90 3 Entity 2nd 143 – – Reckoning … Read more

Free Fire Valentine Emote Royale Event

Garena has unveiled an exciting new event in Free Fire called the Emote Royale, just in time for Valentine’s Day. This event promises to bring a range of unique emotes for players to enjoy and use in-game to communicate with their teammates. Event Details Details Duration Approximately two weeks starting from February 10, 2024. Main … Read more