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What Is A Pokemon Go Shadowban?

Players keen on all of the latest Pokemon Go news have likely heard rumors about an alleged new security measure Niantic has introduced that hides rare Pokemon spawns from players they deem to be cheaters. According to reports, players that have used third-party applications, such as tracking map apps that show users which Pokemon appear within a set area, are finding that the only Pokemon spawns they […]

How To Get The Pokémon Go Ring Accessory

Pokémon Go is more popular than ever before, and fans have lots to look forward to as the game continues to evolve. It’s still so popular, in fact, that there’s a new accessory for fans in Japan. It may even look pretty familiar, especially if you picked up one of the Pokémon Go Plus bracelet when it released last year. It’s called the Pokémon Go Plus […]

How To Check The Current Pokemon Go Server Status?

Like all games that run on server-based systems, Pokemon Go is not without the occasional downtime. Messages from the game saying it’s unable to authenticate are likely in regard to errors that pop up when game and Trainer Club servers go down. Today’s drop in server status, especially and particularly including the Trainer Club status, has lead to many players wondering how to check on the Pokemon […]

What Is The Mark Of Shame?

It wasn’t long ago that Niantic started following up on their promises to enforce penalties against players caught cheating or engaging in other unscrupulous behavior within Pokemon Go. While it wasn’t their first move, the recently-revealed Shadowban policy has certainly been their most buzzworthy enactment, and the company has now announced that a new policy will soon begin place an identifying mark over any Pokemon captured through […]

How To Fix The Gym Attack Error Message Bug

The new Pokemon Go gym overhaul date is coming in so hot that it’s apparently not quite finished. Many of the players who have downloaded the update are now experiencing an unusual bug that pops up a message stating that their gym is under attack despite a present lack of threat. This seems to happen specifically to players and their teammates have recently defeated a gym; after […]

Why Are Raid Bosses Running Away?

Countless Pokemon Go players have been jumping into local raid battles each week, spending their Raid Passes and using their Golden Razz Berries, and for most of these players, all of these features have been working flawlessly. However, a small number of players have begun experiencing an issue where every encountered raid boss flees from battle before being captured. The issue is prolific enough for Pokemon Go […]

Get Invited To Niantic’s Exclusive Raid Battles

Players participating in Yokohama’s recent Pokemon Go Stadium event were presented with a very special treat: an opportunity to battle and capture MewTwo, the legendary Psychic-type Pokemon, as part of an exclusive on-site raid battle. Players were excited for their first-ever chance to take down the creature, and given that MewTwo spawned with a 100% catch rate, every single player that was able to defeat MewTwo was […]