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Understanding Web Hosting

Many of you reading the title of today’s article would surely imagine what web hosting is. Well, this is an important technology which everyone among us should have a clear idea about. As with the increasing use of the internet and social media, web hosting is the factor that comes into play and it is just that almost everyone should have a rough idea of […]

Understanding Domain Names and Extension

We all use online websites for all types of work in today’s world. While using a website has it ever happened that you tried guessing what the .com or .in means. It might also be possible that over somewhere you came across the name such as domain name and was not able to figure out what that means. If anything like this happened to you […]

How to Book a Domain Name and How to add it to Hosting?

A domain name is a web address that a consumer can use to find you on the internet. You should be very careful when choosing a domain name for your company since it will have a positive or negative impact on a customer’s thinking. It has now become an essential component of your online presence, and without it, no one would be able to recognise […]

How to Register a free Domain from Freenom

What exactly Freenom is? Freenom is the first and only free domain registration service in the world. Freenom makes it simple to launch a website by combining a free domain with cutting-edge website building technologies and allowing you to choose your hosting provider. Difference between a domain name and a website address The name of your website is called a domain name. A domain name […]

Top 3 Free WordPress Hosting Providers

Learn in this article the list of free WordPress Hosting Providers and why they provide you free hosting? Do you need free hosting? Why I don’t recommend free web hosting for your blog or website? Let’s find out. Why a company would provide you free hosting to earn online? Why you don’t need Free WordPress Hosting Providers? Answer it? Okay, okay, I would. Because it wants […]

How Your Web Hosting Affect Your SEO

Do you know that your web hosting package can affect your SEO? Yes it’s true. New algorithms in Google now also count where your website hosts? If there is one penalized site in Google hosted on shared server, it can affect other sites also. Now the question is how to choose an effective web hosting service that will not affect your SEO rankings. That’s also […]

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting for Your Website

Aside from choosing the perfect domain name, it’s also important to choose the best web hosting for your website. The web host you choose can make or break your online business. Though their websites pretty much look like they’re one and the same, not all web hosting services are the same. For one, site speed, which is an important factor in a website’s user experience […]