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Convert BP to UC in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile may before long get a new membership subscription, as per a report by well-known YouTubers. The announced new membership subscription is PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus said to permit players to Convert BP into UC in PUBG Mobile.  Evidently, this new membership subscription would permit players to change over 5000BP for 50UC. This would give PUBG Mobile players another approach to pick up UC, which […]

How to Earn Money by Playing PUBG

In the event that you are an ace gamer, at that point, you think about PUBG. PUBG game dispatched in 2017 and the portable form PUBG Mobile dispatched in 2018 and turn into the best game. Presently you certainly need to play this game right yet. How to Make Money Playing PUBG Mobile Game. While playing this exciting game with practical fight experience you can […]

PUBG Mobile Secret Locations

PUBG Mobile is one of the most trending game ever in history, with kilometers of maps that even the most learned veteran of the game would be unable to recollect. In this short guide, we would rattle off the absolute most significant secret places in PUBG Mobile that can surrender you a leg on your street to the chicken dinner.  While individuals normally would be ignorant regarding […]

PUBG Mobile Indian Version Features

PUBG Mobile Indian Version Features Your Diwali just improved as PUBG Mobile India will dispatch soon. The fans have been enthusiastically hanging tight for the game’s rebound in the nation, and improvements in the country of recent days have furnished them with motivations to cheer.  PUBG Mobile dispatches new site for India  In the most recent turn of events, PUBG Mobile has dispatched another site […]

PUBG is Back Now with PUBG Faction Warmode

The Faction Warmode is back! Things are now becoming more active again in PUBG. Like PUBG Corp. in a current announcement, you can play an experimental mode again this weekend, with which one or the other veteran may even have gained experience. We are talking about the “Faction Warmode”, which turns you into a fast and less forgiving 8 vs. Sends 8 firefight. This time, […]

PUBG Glider Tips

Motor gliders have arrived at PUBG. These airborne vehicles allow players to quickly traverse maps and fly through the sky, making them an ideal option to have if you need to flee from nearby enemies or get past the blue circle. You can find ten of them at any time on the maps. Also Read: PUBG Map Tips and Top 30 PUBG Mobile Tips and […]

PUBG: Patch 8.2 brings new weapon, grenade, textures and more

There are new toys in PUBG again! This means the new MG3 machine gun and the decoy grenade, which have found their way into the PC version for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with Update 8.2. From now on you can try your hand at using the new weapon and grenade. But you will also notice other, smaller innovations sooner or later. The developers have also worked on […]