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How to win solo vs squad PUBG mobile

The game of PUBG is one of the favourite game of players around the globe. This game was introduced out of nowhere and then within no time got a high rating from many known players as well. As we already know that there are two main modes in this game one is known as solo mode and the other one is squad mode. Certain tricks […]

How to download PUBG without Play Store

PUBG is the most popular game available on the internet nowadays. The game is so much in fashion that it has gained a lot of support from players around the globe. There is even a lot of information available on the internet that suggest the game to be the most played game as compare to many famous console multiplayer games available in the market. But […]

How to Unlock Characters in PUBG for Free

PUBG is a worldwide famous game. People of every age are just crazy after the game. PUBG owners also update the game from time to time so as the player takes a full interest in the game. Every time the updates bring new characters and many new things to the game.  Every character of PUBG mobile has special features. These characters give a boost to […]

How to get free skins in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the most playing games created by Tencent Titles. Every year it brings millions of dollars for the Chinese Developer and that is the reason the PUBG game keep updating bring more excitement to its users. The game is updating frequently adding new accessories, costumes (skins) and more and thus give the players more excitement with every season or with every […]

PUBG: NEW STATE exceeds 10 million pre-registrations

KRAFTON, Inc. announced that the number of pre-registrations in the Google Play Store for PUBG: NEW STATE has exceeded ten million. The most recent milestone followed shortly after an earlier announcement that the game had reached five million players in the first week of pre-registration. With users from over 170 countries, the new milestone was reached within 43 days of the start of pre-registrations in […]

Tap Tap PUBG Mobile

The PUBG mobile game is one of the most played game worldwide. There are so many things that this game is always been famous for. Apart from this PUBG mobile provides a large number of versions that is mainly specific to a local area or you can easily say as a region. Let me let you know some of these well there is UBG Vietnam, […]

Top 10 PUBG Players of India

The game of PUBG is becoming more and more popular over time. Some legendary players have achieved great appreciation for their unique style in the game. As the user base is quite large in this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 PUBG players of India. These players are popular in the PUBG community of the world and have a quite large […]