3 Ways To Install Paid Apps For Free On Android.

3 Ways To Install Paid Apps For Free On Android.

Android Playstore have 1.9 million + apps. One can easily get apps from Google Playstore. But we all know that all apps are not free there. Only 70% apps are free to install. To enhance capabilities of your android you need to install paid Android Apps. That’s why here is a tutorial to install paid apps for free on Android device. Even i will also cover how to remove “in app purchases”

Some free apps do not provide all features, to use best of an app we need to purchase  a full version from Google Play Store and install it in our android device. But techies always thinks beyond limits, and i hope you will go same, then you are at right blog.

We cant install a Paid app from Google play-store for free. to get paid apps for free on android there are lots of methods. I ‘ll show best of them here.

Types of Android Apps

Android apps can be broadly classified into three categories:

  1. Free Apps: These apps are available for download at no cost and are often monetized through ads or in-app purchases.
  2. Paid Apps: These apps require an upfront payment to download and use. They usually offer enhanced features, ad-free experiences, or exclusive content.
  3. Freemium Apps: Freemium apps are a combination of free and paid features. Users can download the app for free but have the option to make in-app purchases to access additional functionalities.

Why Install Paid Apps for Free?

There are several reasons why someone might want to install paid apps for free:

  1. Cost Savings: Purchasing multiple paid apps can quickly add up, and not everyone has the budget to spend on premium apps.
  2. Access to Premium Features: Paid apps often come with advanced features and functionalities that may enhance the user experience. Installing them for free allows users to enjoy these premium features without spending money.
  3. Trying Before Buying: Installing paid apps for free allows users to test them extensively before making a purchasing decision. This way, they can ensure the app meets their expectations and requirements.

Risks of Installing Paid Apps for Free

While installing paid apps for free may seem appealing, it’s essential to be aware of the potential risks involved:

  1. Malware and Security Risks: Third-party app stores and APK websites often host modified versions of paid apps, which can be injected with malware or malicious code. Installing such apps puts your device and personal data at risk.
  2. Lack of Updates and Support: When downloading paid apps from unofficial sources, you may miss out on essential updates and support provided by the original developers. This can lead to compatibility issues or security vulnerabilities.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

It’s important to understand the legal and ethical implications of installing paid apps for free. Downloading copyrighted apps without proper authorization is considered piracy and can have legal consequences. Additionally, supporting developers by purchasing their apps ensures a thriving ecosystem of quality apps.

Install Android Paid apps for free using Google Search

One can easily install Paid apps by searching “appname.apk” on google. By this search you will get best relevant results according to your query.

This is the easiest way i use to install paid apps in my android. By this way we don’t need to install any unofficial appstore in android.

Get Paid apps on Android from Unofficial Platforms

as we know that there are still other platforms/ app stores to install an app instead of Google Playstore. There are many Google playstore alternatives where you can easily download and install any playstore paid app for free.

A paid android app can be easily downloaded from these unofficial platforms by changing some basic settings in your android, yeah you need to enable apps from unknown sources to get these unofficial appstores in your device.  One of my FavoritePlaystore alternatives to get paid apps for free are

  • Blackmart alpha
  • Applanet

Install Paid apps for free using Amazon Underground

This Feature is awesome, Amazon’s new underground service provides paid apps for your android free, even in app purchases are also free. You only need to install Amazon Underground service app in Your android.

Fire up your browser and go to Amazon.co.uk/Underground and download .apk in your device. You need to make some changes to your device’s settings to install this app. allow Application from unknown sources.

it is just a 25 MB file so install it in your android. You need to sign in into your amazon account to use this app.

first it will look like basic amazon shopping app,  but you can access free apps and games by clicking on three lines on top left corner in app.

now you will be at amazon’s App store, where you can easily install paid apps for free on your android device.

Editor’s Choice-  Having a smartphone without apps is like a Juice without sugar, If you need only a paid app then you can try first method of Google search but if you also need to clear in app purchase then you need to go through Amazon Underground.

Methods to Install Paid Apps for Free on Android

There are several methods to install paid apps for free on Android devices. Let’s explore them one by one:

Method 1: Using Third-Party App Stores

Third-party app stores like Aptoide, APKPure, and Amazon Appstore offer a wide selection of apps, including paid ones. These stores sometimes provide promotional offers, discounts, or even temporarily make certain apps free.

Method 2: APK Websites

APK websites allow users to download Android app installation files (APKs) directly. While caution should be exercised when using these websites, they can provide access to paid apps for free. However, ensure you download APKs from trusted sources to minimize the risk of malware.

Method 3: App Bundling

Some developers bundle their paid apps with other free apps or promotional deals. By keeping an eye on app bundles or special promotions, you may come across paid apps that are temporarily available for free.

Method 4: App Testing Programs

Certain app testing programs, such as Google Play’s Early Access or beta testing programs, allow users to test paid apps for free in exchange for providing feedback and reporting any issues they encounter.

Method 5: Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a survey app that rewards users with Google Play Store credits for participating in surveys. By accumulating credits, you can use them to purchase paid apps without spending money directly.

Method 6: App of the Day

Some developers or app promotion platforms offer an “App of the Day” concept. Every day, they feature a paid app that is available for free only during that specific day. Keeping track of these promotions can help you get paid apps for free.

Method 7: Developer Promotions

Occasionally, app developers offer promotional discounts or temporarily make their apps available for free. By following developers’ social media accounts or subscribing to their newsletters, you can stay informed about such promotions.

Method 8: App Giveaways

Various online communities, forums, or social media groups organize app giveaways, where developers distribute free copies of their paid apps. Participating in these giveaways can give you a chance to win paid apps without spending money.


Installing paid apps for free on Android devices can be tempting, but it’s crucial to consider the risks, legal implications, and ethical aspects. While there are methods available, such as using third-party app stores, APK websites, or taking advantage of promotions, it’s essential to prioritize device security and respect developers’ work. Supporting developers by purchasing their apps contributes to the growth and sustainability of the app ecosystem.


Can I install paid apps for free without any risks?

While there are methods to install paid apps for free, they come with potential risks, such as malware or lack of updates. Exercise caution and prioritize security.

Is it legal to install paid apps for free?

Downloading copyrighted apps without proper authorization is considered piracy and is illegal. It’s important to respect developers’ work and support them by purchasing their apps.

Are all third-party app stores safe to use?

Not all third-party app stores can be trusted. Stick to well-known stores like Aptoide or APKPure and verify the integrity of the apps you download to minimize security risks.

Can I get refunds for paid apps if I’m unsatisfied?

Refund policies vary among app stores. Google Play Store, for example, offers a refund window of two hours. Check the store’s refund policy before making a purchase.

What are the benefits of purchasing paid apps?

Purchasing paid apps ensures access to regular updates, developer support, and a stable user experience. It also supports developers and encourages them to continue creating quality apps.


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