WhatsApp Hack without Phone

WhatsApp Hack without Phone

When we talk about social networks than one name would be defined in it known as WhatsApp. This is one of the greatest social media platforms highly used by the people around the globe. There are many primitive methods used for messaging as well as chatting. WhatsApp is considered to one of the upgrading methods above all the primitive methods used previously. The platform has expanded its branches around the globe in the past few years. This app is quite a cost-efficient for most of the people. Apart from this the network provide an individual with a complete method to participate in the interaction at a little cost without facing much trouble in the first place. This allows the user to send countless message to one another without any kind of limitation. There are many other things this app support such as group calling and chatting. And also the transfer of multimedia such as documents, audio files, images etc.

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All these things were not possible previously with the use of this app. There are so many functions available on this app that can be precisely used in to make out task easier than before. There is encryption and decryption protocol followed in this app makes it difficult for the hacker to hack into someone’s account without the presence of the target phone. While there are some of the techniques that can be used to take care of this matter:

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Method 1:

By making the use of Truth Spy application:

As the technology is becoming modern-day by day there has been a great security issue hanging around the WhatsApp account from the past few years. There are lots of things that we exchange with your folks on the WhatsApp application in our day to day lives and from past few days, there is always a possibility of a threat going on. There are changes that our data or information in almost any form can be stolen and then would lie on the wrong hands for sure. There is always a set of 3rd party waiting to steal all your details. This is one of the best applications where most of our data is circulated after all. To overcome all these problems a software known as Truth Spy has been designed by well-known developers. This is one of the best phone tracking application which has the best-sophisticated features in it. Some of the features are listed below:

  1. There are many amazing features such as spying that is done in a sophisticated manner.
  2. It manages the various activities carried out by the device in remotely and invisible manner
  3. They manage the virtual and real-time action of the phone in the first place.
  4. The platform is quite easy to use
  5. The action of downloading and installing is quite easy

There is an excellent feature offered by this app. The task can be performed easily without any kind of problem faced in between. There are also many tricks and tips mentioned by the experts that can be used to operate with this software. The site from which the software application can be downloaded is ( link: https://thetruthspy.com/). Kindly read all the terms and condition carefully.  

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Method 2:

By making use of the GuestSpy software:

This application allows the user to see all kind of discussion that took place in the target phone. This is one of the most prominent as well as easy software application currently in use for various types of prevention such as cyber theft, monitoring the use of the device by the certain age group most likely to be the kids between age grp 8-18. The website where this software application is easily available is known as https://guestspy.com/. This application runs on the target device and at the same time can keep the track of all relevant information such as call logs present as well as history, GPS of the device located, all type of time and calendar update, text messages, emails on the all the accounts on the device, then web history and much more beyond these all data. There are some functions of this software application I would like to highlight:

  1. The user can see all the conversation, as well as the message, took place on the WhatsApp.
  2. The number of all the people in the device can be easily accessible without much of a difficulty.
  3. The time and date of the conversation taken place can be easily understood as this an easy software application to use.
  4. The WhatsApp chats discussion that has taken place are loaded with the name of a guest spy at the control board available.
  5. This is mainly controlled using the web connection one of the only requirement.

Many other features are also there that make this software application popular among the users. Some of the features are handling calls, monitoring the text send or receive handy, the GPS location can be monitored, the internet usage can also be tracked and the address book and calendar can be easily accessed. 


The two methods mentioned above are liked by most of the people. I hope the article can provide you with something you were looking for.


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