Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

Since its release last year, Niantic’s AR-based hit Pokemon Go has become one of the most active and successful mobile titles in history, garnering more than 750 million downloads and seeing upward of 5 million active users per day. The title’s appeal draws not only from the game’s rich Pokemon-based heritage, but also the social nature of its gameplay, encouraging players to leave their homes and join up with other players in order to find, collect, and even defeat powerful creatures.

Being such a big game, experienced players and newcomers alike often have questions regarding mechanics, items, or even even current events. Luckily for them, Modojo has answers to all of the top Pokemon Go questions. Read on to discover all of our best Pokemon Go guides, covering everything from how to hunt down specific creatures to the best time to participate in Raid Battles and more.

Pokemon Go – General Tips And Hints

• Pokemon spawn based on a number of factors, including nearby bodies of water, local geographical features, the weather, or even time of day, as some Pokemon spawn more frequently at night.
• Has Pokemon Go been draining your phone’s battery? Try turning off augmented reality (AR) options from the in-game menu. Turning down the phone’s brightness may also help, though it will decrease daylight visibility.
• Eggs cannot be hatched by riding around in a motor vehicle — there’s a 12 mile-per-hour limit for hatching eggs, and any movement faster than this speed will block eggs from hatching.
• Keep a close eye on items — Lucky Eggs can be used to double a player’s experience for half an hour, and items like Golden Razz Berries have become invaluable for capturing powerful Pokemon.

Pokemon Go – Guides To Specific Pokemon

• How To Find, Beat, And Capture MewTwo
Players can find and conquer MewTwo through Niantic’s upcoming invite-only raid battles.

• How To Find And Beat Legendary Bird Zapdos
Players will need to bring their best to take down Zapdos, the game’s latest Legendary Raid Boss.

• How To Find And Beat Legendary Bird Moltres
Add Pokemon Go’s latest Legendary to your roster with these essential strategies.

• How To Catch The Legendary Bird Lugia
Players looking to capture Lugia should get ready for a tough battle.

• How To Catch The Legendary Bird Articuno
The long wait is over, and Pokemon Go finans are finally able to capture the legendary Poekmon Articuno. Here’s how to do it.

• Larvitar Spawning And Where To Find The Rare Pokemon
Outside of the mysterious recent swarm, Larvitar is known to spawn in very specific areas.

• Where To Find Corsola
The classic coral-like monster is common though region-exclusive, and we know just where to look.

• Where To Find Muk
One of the rarer creatures in Pokemon Go, Muk is a sloppy, poisonous pile of muscle.

• How To Track And Catch All Forms Of Unown
Hint: it’s not easy.

• The Rarest Legendary Pokemon In Pokemon Go
We know these Pokemon are in the game, we just don’t know where to find them… yet.

Pokemon Go – Item-Specific Guides

• How To Get Raid Passes For Free
Ambitious trainers looking to hop into Pokemon Go Raid Battles will first need to acquire a Raid Pass. Here’s how to get one.

• How To Earn And Use A Technical Machine
Players lucky enough to score a Pokemon Go TM can use it to teach their Pokemon a new move.

• How To Get A Golden Razz Berry
Trainers who want to earn one of Pokemon Go’s most sought0-after items will need to prepare for battle.

Pokemon Go – Gameplay And Tutorial Guides

• Eggs, Hatching, and Breeding Explained
Pokemon Go fans will find that incubating and hatching eggs are as simple as ever.

• Make The Most Out Of Evolutions With This Pokemon Go CP Calculator
Put that candy to its most efficient use.

 How To Join Raid Battles
Make sure you’re at the right level requirement and a Raid Battle is going on near you.

• The Best Pokemon To Beat Raid Bosses
Trainers would be wise to come prepared for Raid Battles. Here are the best Pokemon for the job.

• The Most Common Times To Participate In Raid Battles
Players looking to get in on new Pokemon Go Raid Battles will probably want to wake up early.

• How Nest Migrations Work And When Nests Move
Niantic has now finally confirmed the game’s periodic nest migrations. Here’s how they work.

• How To Find Pokemon Nests Using Nest Maps
Zero in on local nesting points using these handy tools.

• What Is The Silph Radio?
The latest Pokemon Go-centered project aims to make joining Raid Battles easier than ever.

• New Gym Features And Raid Battles Explained
Read all about the big changes coming to Pokemon Go gyms.

Pokemon Go – Bonus and Miscellaneous Guides

• How To Get Invited To Niantic’s Exclusive Raid Battles
Trainers will soon have their chance to capture legendary Pokemon MewTwo in Niantic’s new invite-only raid battles.

• Why Are Raid Bosses Running Away?
A string of fleeing Raid Bosses has players wondering if there’s a limit to daily Raid Battles.

• How To Fix The Gym Attack Error Message Bug
Many Pokemon Go players have reported experiencing an unusual bug related to gyms. Here’s how to fix it.

• What Is The Mark Of Shame?
Niantic has an all-new method in place to publicly humiliate Pokemon Go cheaters.

• How To Know If You’ve Been Shadowbanned
A lack of rare Pokemon spawns and unusual in-game warnings may be evidence of a possible shadowban.

• How To Check The Current Pokemon Go Server Status
Check the current Pokemon Go server status using these handy tools.

• How To Get The Pokemon Go Ring Accessory
If you want in on the newest peripheral for Pokemon Go, here’s what you need to do.