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How to fix Telegram connecting problems on iOS and Android

Telegram is one of the popular applications present nowadays. This platform is still emerging itself and looking out for more numbers of users worldwide. The state of this platform is quite stable and still, the technology is being added to make is much better than usual. Telegram is having popularity on both androids as well as iPhone. It was launched back in the year 2013. […]

How to Fix Print Screen not working on Windows 10

If you want to capture the screen of your desktop then which way will you considered as the best. According to several people, print screen is one of the better way available to date. To do this one has to just press the print screen button that is available on the keyboard. This button is situated in the same part where the broken key and […]

How to Restore Deleted Contacts from Google

We all have the habit to back up our data from Google as it’s a platform that we most trust. The backup data majorly consist of contacts when we switch from one phone to another or else something wrong happens with our mobile. This is the way at least all our contact can be safely residing in the google cloud. However sometimes even google delete […]

How to download videos from Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms is considered very useful. Through this wide network, we can stay connected with our friends, family as well as colleagues. This is the way we can easily maintain our social life which is one of the most essential need nowadays. Apart from this the platform of Facebook is considered the largest sharing website too. There are […]

GB Instagram APK Download

If we ask anyone nowadays that which platform is used by most of the people than I am sure that the answer would be Instagram. This app gained a lot of popularity in the last few years due to its unique features and of course the easy and efficient way it’s been used. GB Instagram is same as Instagram but it has very advance features […]

YOWhatsApp APK Download

We all are aware of WhatsApp it’s one of the most important chatting apps that we used in our day-to-day life. This app has made so many things as easy going as they were never before. YOWhatsApp can be called as the modified version of the regular WhatsApp. There are many additional features added to this modified version v9.0. There are many of us you […]

FreeFlix TV ( MOD,Pro)

FreeFlix TV ( MOD,Pro) – Best TV Live App  We all love to enjoy the free time of your busy schedule day by watching your favorite shows, movies and various kind of series. All these are mostly present easily at any time on various streaming apps and sites online. But as the weekends end and we still are busy the things we catch up on […]