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How to Update Peacock TV on Fire Stick

In this post, I will tell you the best way to update Peacock TV on FireStick. The methods mentioned in this article will let you know as how to update peacock TV on Amazon Fire TV gadgets, including FireStick 4K, FireStick Lite, and Fire TV Cube. Peacock TV is a US-based, incredibly real-time feature from NBCUniversal. This help includes all the first substance from NBC […]

How to Connect a Fire Stick to USB Drive

While most Amazon Fire TV Stick gadgets don’t trademark a coordinated USB drive, it’s as yet conceivable to associate a USB drive to a Fire Stick utilizing the utilization of a USB connector link. This data will walk you through all of the interactions for how to associate a USB drive to a Fire Stick and what to do whenever everything’s associated. Fire TV Cube, […]

How to Share Passwords Using AirDrop

By definition, passwords are secret, but keeping them that way may be difficult, and a thriving business has sprung up to secure your passwords — and consequently your data — from prying eyes. However, there may be instances when you need to share a password with a friend or family member who wants to access one of your accounts. Sharing a password may be a […]

How to Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV using AirPlay

You may mirror films and other information from your Apple smartphone to a larger screen if you know how to AirPlay to a Samsung TV. Samsung’s QLED TVs, like many of the finest, have AirPlay built-in, which means you can use it without an Apple TV 4K (2021) or other Apple streaming box. You may AirPlay to a Samsung TV straight from your iPhone, iPad, […]

How to Transfer Files From iPhone To Android

It has never been simpler to transfer files from an iPhone to an Android device, and vice versa! It is much more difficult if you are intending to switch to Android or want to exchange files with your Android friends from your iPhone. Therefore, to solve your problem we have compiled some solutions by which you can easily transfer files from your iPhone to Android. […]

How to Burn ISO File to USB Drive

USB Drive can also be used for booting. The procedure is not simple as it sounds but yes this is possible to be implemented. The simple copy-pasting of the ISO image to the drive will not cut it. The important thing that has to be done is to burn it. That is the reason why there is a need for an application that helps you […]

How to use Airdrop on your iPhone

The airDrop was launched by Apple long back but still many iOS users are not familiar with the way through which it can be paired and used with iPhone. At first AirDrops are nothing but a handy feature that is used to share any of your content such as Documents, Images, and Contacts and much more constantly with other Apple devices. The devices can be […]