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Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader

Xiaomi is (rightly? ) one of the most popular China brands, especially your smartphones have been in the hype for years. That cannot be said of MIUI, Xiaomi’s Android interface. This is clearly designed for the Chinese market, both in terms of design and functionality. Fortunately, there is usually a remedy in the form of custom roms. Even if you want to root your smartphone, you have to consider […]

Blockchain: Economic Potential and Challenges

Blockchain is no longer just the technology behind almost 2,000 different online payment methods. Trustworthy transactions and secure proof of origin make blockchain a promising new technology for companies in many industries and also for some areas of public administration. The current study “Blockchain in the Integrated Energy Transition” by the German Energy Agency (DENA) lists eleven possible applications in the energy sector alone. The greatest potential lies […]

What is Blockchain and How to Use it

What is Blockchain? Blockchain is a technology trend, even hype, but blockchain implementations are already a reality. But many are still wondering: what is blockchain and how can I use it for myself and my company? Also Read: What is Cryptojacking attack, how to prevent? So I would like to start with an explanation of blockchain: Blockchain is a technology that offers companies the opportunity to […]

How to Integrate AI in Corporate and IT Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions are usually first developed under laboratory conditions. In order to subsequently operate a solution productively in corporate IT, organizational and technical questions must be answered: Do the results of an AI solution have the quality and reliability that are required for acceptance in the company?  Is data of sufficient quality and quantity available?  Does the deployment pay off from a business perspective?  […]

Improve Security on Android

In this article, we will be discussing about the security and privacy in Android or smartphones, which is currently considered as the most popular mobile operating system in the world. Here in this article, I have explained a list of 10 Android settings for you that you consider to change if you want to gain more privacy and / or security. Let’s start the article without any delay! Note: […]

How to Download Tiktok Video without Watermark

How to Download Tiktok Video: If you want to record a video on your mobile phone, you need to launch the original application and find the video you want to download. When you are on the video viewing page, you will see the ‘Share’ button on the right side of the screen. Click on it, and then select ‘Record Video’. After that, the download will […]

Google Zero Gravity Tricks and Cool Pranks

Google is definitely the most powerful search engine in today’s date and it makes sure that it continues to be so by devising newer and better strategies to make sure that its home page always looks great and better than the rest. One of its strategies to catch the attention of the audience is called Google Zero Gravity Trick where Google webpage looks to be […]