AI Death Calculator: Can Technology Predict Your Fate

Unraveling Life2vec: The AI Death Calculator In the realm of cutting-edge AI, a groundbreaking algorithm named Life2vec is making waves, claiming a staggering 78% accuracy in foreseeing life outcomes. Developed collaboratively by scientists from Denmark and the US, this AI death calculator is not just another crystal ball—it’s rooted in data. Sections Key Points Unraveling … Read more

Watch The ‘Barbie’ Movie At Home

Lights, Camera, Action in Pink! Guess what, folks? Greta Gerwig’s blockbuster film, Barbie, is now gracing our screens exclusively on Max! It’s time to prepare for a pink-themed home makeover inspired by the Barbie Dreamhouse or Mojo Dojo Casa House. Get ready to dive into the world of Barbieland with Margot Robbie as Stereotypical Barbie … Read more

Fix Twitter or X Embeds on Discord

The Discord Struggle We’ve all been there – the excitement of sharing a meme or a tweet in a Discord chat, only to be met with the frustration of Twitter or X embeds not working as expected. Fear not! There are a few nifty ways to get things back to normal without resorting to the … Read more

How to download videos from Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms is considered very useful. Through this wide network, we can stay connected with our friends, family as well as colleagues. This is the way we can easily maintain our social life which is one of the most essential need nowadays. Apart from this the platform of … Read more

Install Bing with ChatGpt

Microsoft has unveiled a new and improved version of Bing, powered by their ground-breaking ChatGPT and AI technologies. This update provides users with a more seamless and intuitive search engine experience. To access the new Bing, users must first join the waiting list. To join the waitlist, simply visit and click “Join the waitlist.” … Read more

Magic clone on mi 11x pro

Xiaomi’s latest smartphone, the Mi 11X Pro, has a triple rear camera setup with a whopping 108 MP and a slew of modes which will give you the benefit to use the camera to the fullest. One of the features we noticed is the Magic Clone, one of MIUI 12’s new modes. In this article … Read more

Redflix TV MOD APK download

Nowadays the demand for accessing audiovisual content such as video, series and movie is in huge demand. While the process to get these things is not a quite big deal as it seems to be. The series, movies and much more are running under the IPTV protocol which makes it easy to get through various … Read more