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How to add Snapchat Lenses from Camera Roll

Snapchat is extraordinary for catching those great minutes—yet imagine a scenario in which you need to share a more established photograph. One that’s as of now taken? As you most likely know, the application doesn’t accompany a component that allows you to do that. Relax, however—that is the reason there’s this channel! With it, you’ll have the option to share any image or video from […]

How to use Parental Controls on Netflix

Netflix has updated its parental controls. Netflix has revised these options to enable families worldwide to get the most out of their watching experience and choose the appropriate material for their families. Here’s how parents and caregivers may utilise these new controls with their families. With over 5,052 TV programmes, documentaries, and movies available on Netflix in the UK, young people may learn, participate, or […]

How to Connect a Stadia Controller to Phone

To connect your Stadia controller and your Android phone, you had to use a USB cable. Google has announced that the Stadia controller can be used wirelessly to play Android games. Yes, six months after its release, your Stadia controller can now be used to wirelessly play games on your phone. This post will explain how to connect a Stadia controller to your Android device and […]

How To Watch Netflix On Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is much more than just a gaming system. You can do a lot more with your Switch, such as watching Netflix. Well, that’s one of the things; you will get to know a lot more about Switch and Netflix in this article. The article mainly focuses on how to Watch Netflix on Switch. Nintendo created the Nintendo Switch, a hybrid gaming console. […]

How to Transfer Google Contact from iPhone to Android?

The topic of today’s article has been searched again and again on the web. Well, the title is how can someone sync Google contacts from an iPhone to an Android device. From the people who are going to change from an iPhone to an Android device or maybe who has both iPhone and Android devices then transferring contact sometimes becomes quite essential for day to […]

How to Delete Your Skype Account

Skype account closure is overly complicated by Microsoft. It’s understandable that no online retailer would prominently promote account deletion. To permanently delete a Skype account, you’ll need to remove payment methods, cancel subscriptions, unlink your Microsoft account from your Skype account, and more. This tutorial will show you how to properly close your Skype account. Deleting your Skype account        If you aren’t able to delete […]

How to Stream Mobile Game on Twitch

The industry of entertainment and games is at its height and on an everyday basis, new things are launched and utilized to make integration as well as connection with real-world people easier. Now for the first time in history, it is possible to choose the video games from a list of thousands available and then the gaming experience can be broadcast live to our audience. […]