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How to get a name change card in Free Fire for free?

Free Fire is the most popular battle royale game of current time that is available on mobile devices. The game lets every player keep a unique in-game name (IGN). But it happens only when you start playing the game. At that time, players are not aware of the importance of this name and keep anything, and when they realize the importance, it been too late. […]

How to Unlock Free Fire ID?

Are you also a fan of the Free Fire game, but because of some reason, your Free Fire id has become unban, and because of this, you are unable to play the Free Fire game? If so, and if you want to know that, you can find out more information here. Recovery for Free Fire accounts was suspended. Therefore, this article that we have written […]

How to apply for the Free Fire partner program?

The number of players that play Free Fire is growing, and these players are consistently consuming a significant quantity of material. Garena’s Free Fire Partners Program is geared toward assisting up-and-coming content producers in becoming established members of the community and earning a positive reputation for themselves. Participation within the Free Fire Partner Program confers on participants their own unique set of perks. Because of […]

How to Download the OB34 Version of Garena Free Fire?

The addition of the Magic Cube is one of the most significant changes made to the game. After players have participated in the game for a total of 15 minutes, they will be eligible to get the free Magic Cube. After they have redeemed the Magic Cube, it’ll be much simpler for them to get the packages of their choosing that they most want. It […]

How to get the latest FF Max APK

Free Fire Max Apk is another game delivered by the engineer of INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED. The game is the same as Free Fire, the thing that matters is that it is a refreshed and further developed rendition of the new Free Fire Max, which means to give clients a new and premium gaming experience.  Free Fire MAX is an update of the customary Free Fire, […]

How to get tokens to redeem BTS car skin in Free Fire

Free Fire collaborates with a wide range of artists, including music producers and actors. Bangtan Boys (BTS), a seven-member Korean boy band, has partnered with Bittan to introduce various challenges and events. In addition to the majority of the BTS events that have already been unveiled, these are the remaining BTS events. In the days following the announcement of a Free Fire x BTS collaboration, […]

 How to kill more enemies in Free fire?

Garena Free Fire is one of the best mobile battlefield games available. In this game, you must compete with other players to stay alive. Garena Free Fire (formerly known as Free Fire – Battlefields) is a fantastic mobile battlefield game. The game has single and group modes, and the only purpose is to stay alive. It has over 10 million downloads in the Google Play […]