How To Make Money With Youtube Videos

How To Make Money With Youtube Videos

So how thousand of publishers make money with YouTube videos. Have you ever thought of this, I think you must have thought but don’t know how to do so. This service is maintained by Google INC and this service allows every member to upload unlimited numbers of videos. You can even upload videos in HD or 3D. But you need to verify your phone number to remove 15 minutes limitation.

You must know about IGN, TheSandyRavage, Ubisoft, etc. They are member of Partner program. They own their gaming channels on YouTube. Almost all of their videos have more than 100, 00 views on an average and they are making really good income with their videos

So what is YouTube Partner Program?

This program lets everyone from the age of 16 to earn money through their videos. If you get into this program, you get custom tools for modify your channel as per your need. You also have options to display different types of ads on your videos. many of them are like content locker giving message ( Skip Ads After 5 or 10 seconds ). This is how you make money with this program. the click rates are low, but you will surely earn much more if you have decent traffic ( I mean around 100,00 views every video ).

The main intention of this Program is to help peoples build larger audience, so that they would know you both on internet and offline. Now if you want to be some good videographer, then this is the best place to test your talent. If you are getting good audience, then it simply means you are good in your work. And if not, you can improve it without even paying a penny. But you are surly going to make few dollars.

This program also allows you to get approved for adsense. You have to first achieve all the minimum requirements discussed below. Once done, you should apply for adsense. Make sure to fill all your personal information completely, give good welcome message to channel views.

Qualify Partner Program to Make Money With Youtube

In order to qualify for this program your channel should have at least 10000 views, every video on average should have at least 1000 views and you should also have 1000 subscribers. Subscription to this program is free but qualifying is little bit difficult for everyone. This program is open for everyone globally.

Remember these :

  • Make sure you upload your videos very often so as to keep your subscribers.
  • Don’t ever upload any video which may own any kind of copyright
  • Don’t ever upload any adult content, you video will not be accepted
  • And finally your video should not promote any kind of Infringement to DMCA policy, any disrespect to any religion, cast or group.

But if you really want to make money on YouTube, then you should have at least 50000 subscribers, on an average 200,000 views and channel view is not so much important in terms of money. But making good channel may help you increasing subscribers.

So how make money with YouTube without partner program?

Getting into this partner program is not so easy. You have fulfill all the requirements. So how to still make money with YouTube videos.

(Cheap way, Actually dirty money )

Have you heard about playboy, Victoria’s secret, beach games, Halo, WordPress, SEO. If you know about them, then you must also make search on YouTube and you will see all the videos with almost 20000 plus views every week.

Create good gallery of girls and upload to sites like file-jungle or any file hosting services which pay for every download. Make sure these images are edited by yourself to prevent and DMCA policy. Then use sites likes linkbucks, adcrunch and adfly. They will pay for every visitor you send through the link. Create at least 10 videos on these topics every week and you will surely generate more than 80000 views every week. Now just calculate:

In 80000 peoples almost 80% want more. So around 64000 peoples want to download the source. They visit through link and you get paid, and you will earn around $250 to $300 every week.

Professional Income with Youtube

Youtube is also the best place for affiliate marketing. If you have joined any affiliate program then you will surely have good income with you your videos. Try to buy your affiliate product or get the trail version. If its hosting then you can simply have video with your own audio. Explain them why it is the best, why its suitable for you. Also ask them to use only your affiliate link to buy the product or service and give tell them that they will get best discount offer.

Going Off Topic: You can also use this service to drive traffic to your blog or website. According to Google Analytic, 8% of my visitors come from YouTube. But remember that youtube is not going to give any dofollow backlinks to your sites from video description, but it can be added as following site by alexa and it will increase your ranking. In order to get backlinks from youtube, you should add custom urls in your channel page.

I wish I was able to help you all with how to make money with YouTube videos, and sorry for going off topic. Just remember It’s my own personal way and I am not enforcing anyone.

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