How to Identify a Fake Facebook ID

This year, Facebook has crossed 2.3 Billion users. Facebook estimated that over 10 percent of these accounts to be false or duplicate. Facebook uses multiple strategies to identify fake profiles, but this is not sufficient. It’s not just a matter of Facebook, but also of real users like me and you. How do we trust a Facebook person?

Several users complains that they are being duped on Facebook by some other fake person. In general, a phony profile is created to promote some other people’s content, ideas or to fraud other person. A genuine user shares his everyday Facebook activity or thoughts that might be random, as we want various things. However, a fake profile usually shares something it is intended to promote.

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If you look at the profile carefully, you can tell if the profile is false or genuine. Below are a few points which can be considered for a fake Facebook profile.

#1. The profile Picture

The first thing you see in a Facebook profile is their profile image. By looking at it, you can tell whether a profile is genuine or fake. Below are certain concerns you should check with the profile picture.

A single profile picture

An active Facebook user regularly changes his profile image. If you only see a single profile and the profile is new or between 2-3 years old, you should be concerned.

Profile Photos of Celebrities

It’s ok if someone’s a celebrity fan, but he/she will not put all profile photos of this celebrity on his Facebook profile.

No image profile

The Facebook name is enough to force anyone to take a picture. If it isn’t there, it’s alarming enough.

A perfect profile image

People usually click on photos with a phone camera and those photos are not perfect. It could be a counter fit model if you see a model with a perfect angle and light.

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#2. Read about Section

The section is another way to find a fake Facebook profile. Genuine people on Facebook want to explain their achievements in detail. They would list their school, college, past and current jobs, etc. It could be a fake account if you don’t see anything about section.


Now is the time to check the friends’ lists; a real person wants to connect more local people. If you see so many foreign friends and no more or less local friends, it could be a false profile. If someone comes from India, why are so many people from the Canada connected?

If it is a girl profile, and you see 3-4k friends then you have to think again before accepting the friend request. Genuine girls usually don’t like unknown Facebook people.  In spite of this they have limited friends. If you see so many friends and most of them are false, then don’t accept the request and block the person.

#3. Different name in URL and different name of profile

Many fake URL and profile Facebook accounts have different names. It occurs when the account of a true person is hacked and operated under a name for another person or when an account for another activity has been created.

For example, someone creates an account for Indian people and then decides to use the same account to enter the American  content. However, a different URL and profile name does not indicate clearly the fake account, but it could be a clear sign if we relate it to other factors.

#4. Read the Timeline

It is now time to read the timetable. If a user publishes too many links with many ads on one or more websites, then it is evident that it is a promotional account and probably it is a fake  account.

Facebook users share different things like jokes, music, video or pictures. They also share their travel, reading and listening activities. It could be a sign of a fake account if you do not see these types of posts. Scroll down the timeline to see what users share and compare to what they shared before.

#5. Lack of interactions of the Post

Check the profile carefully, click on the photographs and check the comments and likes. It is a sign of a fake profile if you see many likes and generic comments on pictures of girls like cute, lovely, sweet and the account holder doesn’t answer anyone. At least a real person thanks for someone commenting on his/her picture. If you see such activities then the account is fake.

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Another sign is if you see lots of friends and very few of them like the posts and comment on the post then it is a fake account for sure.

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