Top Fan Base boosting Facebook Secrets


Like us on Facebook “or “join us on Facebook” is probably the phrases that every internet user come across frequently. In fact, Facebook is a fast becoming social media tool for branding. Facebook is a way that changed the trend we shop. Most businesses or brands these days are integrated with Facebook fan page, regardless of their business type; they try hard to get their own position on Facebook. People like to have their own Facebook Fan Base today, but they forget to integrate other marketing tools like email with this and hence get limited benefit from their efforts.

Most of us, when using social media for marketing; we forget to integrate it with other helpful marketing channels, hence don’t get many visitors. So, if we want to have best results from your social media campaign you should use your email lists to boost your Facebook fan base. If you have a list of rich customer data, you can use this to have an opportunity to trigger biggest brand loyal lists to get engaged as Facebook fans.

Below; I am going to mention 3 main methods that can help you grow and engage your fan base on Facebook by using email marketing:

Try to Promote your Unique Social Presence in Email Campaigns

As you know that Social media is all about human interaction, therefore, business owners wanting to promote their brand are highly recommended to promote their own presence to engage potential fans, whenever possible. This is a very straightforward yet effective marketing tactic and is very much cost effective than traditional advertisements. Now, you can share your own posting with your potential email customers and can ask them to become your fan on Facebook

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Use Real Email data to better Target Facebook ads

You can use the potentially rich email addresses to send PROMO of your Facebook ads, use only the relevant and potential customer email IDs to promote your brand

Send Email to Alert Facebook Fans about Contests and Content

As your Facebook page is very likely home for your unique campaigns and contests and is full of rich content. Try to add daily post and activities about your brand on your page to get benefit from it. You can also have many rich contents from your fans as well, Re-purpose these valuable Fan content and share it with your email lists to remain active and prominent among your Facebook fans.

Now, you have got the idea that Social media campaign of Facebook can only be successful if it is integrated with email marketing, so increase your Facebook Fan Base with and convert Likes into customers.

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