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Are you using WordPress and want to grow your blog with help of social networking tools? If yes then you must know about some best social media wordpress plugins. If you knows about such tools then it is awesome but in case if you are new to wordpress and don’t know much about social media wordpress plugins, then you are at right place because here we are with details about 10 best WordPress Plugins For Social Media.

Social Media has now become one of the best tools to increase traffic of new as well as well established blogs. So you should be very selective and smart while choosing social media plugins for your wordpress website/blog. Keep reading for full details.

Top 10 wordpress Social Media Plugins

Here we go:

  1. Share this

Share This is an awesome an probably the most widely used wordpress social media plugin. This plugin comes with eye catching designs which you can alter by using very simple instructions.

  1. Sociable

Sociable puts social media sharing buttons after each of your post which increases the chance of more shares which will directly improve your traffic.

  1. Antisocial

If you are looking for some SEO friendly Social Media WordPress plugin, then Antisocial is the best option. It adds no follow tag to all the links that are pointing towards social media portals. This improves SEO of your blog.

  1. Gregarious

Gregarious is a nice tool which will help your site to grow with help of social media networks. This plugin will add links to all major social media hubs like Facebook, Reddit and etc which will surely improve you’re ranking.

  1. Notable

Notable is also a very popular social media wordpress plugin and it adds all the social media buttons on your blog/website.

  1. Add to Any Bookmark Button

Add to Any Bookmark Button is designed for all those bloggers who want to save area of their blog page. This plugin will simply add one box when whenever some reader will mouse over that box, a list of all social media buttons will get displayed.

  1. I Love Social Bookmarking

I Love Social Bookmarking also work on same logic as “Add to Any Bookmark Button”. It also opens a drop down list of various social media giants whenever someone mouse over it.

  1. Digg this

Digg is a top level social networking website which adds value to your site. This plugin will add one Digg sharing button to your site which in turn will surely bring you more traffic.

  1. SphinnIt Button

This plugin allows you to add search related tags on your website. It also adds social media buttons to your blog.

  1. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a super featured wordpress social media plugin which will increase traffic to your site. Along with it, this plugin will decrease average load time of your site means it will add speed yo your site.

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