How to Download Videos From Instagram

How to Download Videos From Instagram

Instagram doesn’t have an option to save a video to your camera roll, however, it accomplishes have a few workarounds for saving the file to share, reuse, or save later. In this post, I’ll depict the five best options for How to Download Videos From Instagram on your phone or PC. 

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Method 1: Download the Video 

If the client has a public account, anybody can download the video. Open the video on Instagram and snap the five spot activity menu from the upper right corner. At that point, click Copy Link.

In the Instagram iOS application, I see a confirmation message that my connection was Saved to the clipboard. 

Next, open Kapwing’s free Convert Video Tool by going to in your program. Paste the URL of the Instagram video into the Paste a URL box. 

Your video will stack in the editor option. Pick the MP4 alternative to save the Instagram video to your camera move, at that point click the pink Make button at the lower part of the page. You additionally have the choice to Trim the video, in the event that you just need the save a specific segment of it. 

At the point when your video is finished handling, you can import the URL to your companions or download the video to your PC or smartphone. 

Method 2: Save Video on Instagram 

Video viewers can bookmark videos to observe later in the Instagram application. To save a video, click the Bookmark symbol in the base right corner of the post on Instagram. 

Afterward, you can discover the video in your saved folder. Access the saved folder from your Profile page in the Instagram application. Snap the five lines menu button in the upper right and find saved on the menu. 

Method 3: Screen Record the Video 

Screen recording is consistently an accessible choice, regardless of whether the Instagram Video is private. On an iPhone, there’s a screen recording capacity incorporated with the most recent version of iOS. 

Simply open the Instagram Video and start the screen-recording. Let the video play a few times through without looking over or moving the screen so you catch the full video beginning to end. At that point, stop the screen recording, open the caught video in your camera roll, and trim down the total video. You can utilize any other application to trim out the region above and below the video. 

Ensure that you are not muted the sound if you need to catch the video’s soundtrack. 

Method 4: Use the Online Tool

1) Go to Instagram app or website and open the video which you need to save into your gallery. 

2) On the off chance that you are on the Instagram app, tap on more choices, and copy the URL or then again in the event that you are utilizing Instagram on the internet browser, open the video in a new tab and save the video URL from the URL bar of the internet browser. 

3) Presently, paste the video URL in the, and tap on the Download Instagram Video button

4) The Instagram video is played, and there is a Download button just below it, so tap or snap on it, and the Instagram video will be saved to your phone.

Method 5: Use Online Website

Instagram story downloader Online the most effortless approach to download and save all recordings or videos pictures and stories you like. 

Steps to follow: 

1) Visit 

2) Copy the connection of any video or photograph you like 

3) Paste the Instagram URL in the 

4) Click on the Download Now button. 

Yeap it’s that simple: works Perfectly on PC, MAC or Mobile ( Android, iOS ) 

Simples and 100% Free 


1) No Need to install third party application.

2) Watch and Save any IG story Anonymously.


These are the five methodologies for Saving Instagram Videos on your phone or PC. Despite the fact that it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to download videos straightforwardly, you can utilize these hacks for Saving IG TV videos rapidly. The creator can utilize a comparative way to deal with download music and videos from YouTube. In the event that you plan to reuse the original content, try to approach the first maker for video and add a watermark giving them credit.

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