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Top 10 WordPress Social Media Plugins

Are you using WordPress and want to grow your blog with help of social networking tools? If yes then you must know about some best social media wordpress plugins. If you knows about such tools then it is awesome but in case if you are new to wordpress and don’t know much about social media wordpress plugins, then you are at right place because here […]

How to Get Successful With Facebook Marketing

Facebook move slowly near to its billionth member, the giant social networking platform continues to provide a wide array of potential benefits to businesses of all sizes. Given that half of the live users log on to the Facebook every single day for an average session of 45 minutes, you are missing out an action if you do not have an active presence for your […]

5 Best Twitter Apps for Android

Android devices are perfect for gaming freaks, they are perfect for the photography enthusiasts. In fact, they are perfect for everyone. This perfection is there for the Twitter users as well. If you are addicted to Twitter, then do check out this article as I am going to provide you the list of 5 best Twitter clients for Android. So let’s have a look at […]

How to Find the Most Searched Keywords for Your Niche

There are in fact lots of opportunities today in SEO online world. It is really a wild and untamed world out there; where lots of people earning huge amount of money just by knowing which keyword is really good and which is not enough. But how exactly do the top webmasters or SEO experts in our niche research about those hidden keywords that will bring […]

Using Facebook Properly to Improve Affiliate Sales – A Case Study

I was more interested in publishing Google Adsense ads. But, accidentally, I got familiar to affiliate marketing. And since that incident, I have never been skeptic about affiliate sales and the amazing monetizing powers it holds! In this blog post, I will show you how you can use Facebook to boost affiliate sales. Before we get to the ‘meat’ of the matter, let me tell […]

How to Create Your Own URL Shortener With Your Domain

URL shortner are extremely used in different social networking platforms, video sharing & forum websites. They are also used by internet marketers & many other bloggers to hide their affiliate links from readers and search engines. Actually every day millions of people over internet use these url shortener services such as, tinyurl, and many other. They all are good, but it would be great […]

How to Get .EDU and .GOV Backlinks Free

One of the most significant factors for every webmaster or a blogger is to do quality link building or link development. Most of the webmasters do not know why links from the .edu or .gov links and how much qualitative and important are they. Getting only some of the quality one-way backlinks from these types of high authority sites may give your site more link […]