Tap Tap PUBG Mobile

The PUBG mobile game is one of the most played game worldwide. There are so many things that this game is always been famous for. Apart from this PUBG mobile provides a large number of versions that is mainly specific to a local area or you can easily say as a region. Let me let … Read more

How to create Custom Room in PUBG Mobile

The e-sports are quite popular nowadays among most of the players worldwide. When the list starts then I am sure that one game would surely in it known as players unknown battleground. But the players call it PUBG. The game has gained a lot of popularity since it was introduced in the market. Till date, … Read more

PUBG Mobile 1.6 Resistance Update APK and OBB

PUBG Mobile has a propensity for Introducing Several In-game to Stable the Players Taste and Adventure in the game. What’s more, They have dispatched the most anticipated 1.6 Update. Albeit, the Launching time will contrast as indicated by the Time Zone or stage on which they were delivered. In any case, Slowly, they will arrive … Read more

Push your Rank in PUBG

PUBG mobile is surely one of the finest royale battle game that is a blessing to the game world. Many players admire this very game due to its features, gameplay, plot and much more. This is something that feels realistic all this ensure an amazing gameplay experience overall. All the things going on in the … Read more

What Does AFK, OP, and GG means in PUBG Mobile

In PUBG Mobile and other online games, players frequently use abbreviations like AFK, OP, and GG. If they don’t have voice chat enabled, it allows them to communicate with their players without having to type as much. AFK stands for ‘away from keyboard,’  It means that someone has walked away from their computer or device … Read more

PUBG Mobile APK for Android Download.

PUBG Mobile: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds also known as PUBG for short is an addictive online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published in early 2017 by PUBG Corporation which the mobile version is developed by the Chinese game developers, Tencent Games in partnership with Lightspeed & Quantom studios. PUBG Mobile APK In a very short time frame of about a year or even less PUBG has grown drastically into becoming one … Read more

Best VPN for Playing PUBG Mobile

In today’s article, we are going to discuss some of the best VPN’s players can be considered to use for playing PUBG. By keeping all the points in mind it is quite easy to see that which VPN is the best suit for the players to play the game PUBG smoothly. As the game is … Read more