Improve FPS in PUBG Mobile

How to Improve FPS in PUBG Mobile PlayersUnknown’s Battleground is already a phenomenon. Hardly any game can inspire so many players in its early phases. However, when you start the game you warn players that the game is still under development and those problems with stability, graphics or sound should still be expected. The optimization for the differently … Read more


In this article we will be discussing about the best tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile to have a chicken dinner every time and will help you play better than the other players, as they may not be familiar with such tips and tricks of pubg mobile that we are explaining in the below article … Read more

How to Install/Uninstall Reshade in PUBG

If you have already tried the Battle Royale shooter Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds yourself, you know that for your survival it is of the utmost importance to recognize your opponents as quickly and early as possible. As so often, it depends on factors: graphics settings, performance of your hardware, but also how clean the game code is programmed and the hardware drivers … Read more