How to Install/Uninstall Reshade in PUBG

How to Install/Uninstall Reshade in PUBG

If you have already tried the Battle Royale shooter Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds yourself, you know that for your survival it is of the utmost importance to recognize your opponents as quickly and early as possible. As so often, it depends on factors: graphics settings, performance of your hardware, but also how clean the game code is programmed and the hardware drivers are supported.

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In the meantime, PUBG has got most of the problems under control to eliminate the FPS drops and freeze, which at least reduces the death owed. But you can help the whole thing even further by optimizing your graphics settings . Another means to recognize approaching enemies faster and better is hidden behind the external program “Reshade”. On this page you can find out what it is, how you can get it to work, which settings bring what and how you can undo the whole thing.

What is Reshade and is it allowed?

Reshade is a program that is specifically designed to improve shaders. Probably this answer immediately raises the next question: What are shaders? To make it short: shaders are hardware or software modules that screw on the graphics of a game and can add various effects to them. This can – provided the correct settings and a powerful PC – provide a significantly improved overall picture.

This way you can influence the look of the game in addition to the settings provided by the game. Do you want to sharpen the contours or have stronger colors? No problem if your PC is playing along. But because this goes beyond normal PC multiplication tables, fans and hobby programmers create special shaders and programs that largely take the fine tuning off your hands.

However, some studios are rather skeptical of such solutions. With good reason: When used in a targeted manner, you can gain unfair advantages over other players by interfering with the look of a game. In PUBG it is also possible to recognize opponents faster (how, you will find out below). The Battlegrounds developers have already given the all-clear: For them, it is completely okay if players use Reshade. So you don’t have to worry about being banned or being punished.

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Battlegrounds: Install Reshade and use it with PUBG

Have you decided to use Reshade? Then follow the steps below to install it and activate it in PUBG:

  1. First of all you should of course download the file. Since Reshade is a free program, there are no costs for you. Simply download the latest version from the official website.
  2. When installing you have to specify the installation path of PUBG on your PC. For most of you, this should be as follows: \ steam \ steamapps \ common \ PUBG \ TslGame \ Binaries \ Win64 \ TslGame.exe .
  3. Now you will be asked to enter your rendering API. So click either OpenGL or Direct 3D10 +. If you are unsure which interface your system requires, try the latter option first. If it crashes afterwards, simply switch to OpenGL.
  4. The program asks you whether a selection of shaders should be downloaded. A question that you answered with “Yes”.

Selection of reshader effects

Now it gets a little tricky, now that the technical part is coming. You should choose your preferred effects to be applied to the shooter. However, it is not always clear what changes you can expect with some shaders. Therefore, you will find a list of the most relevant effects below.

  • AdaptiveSharpen.fx : Ensures a sharper and less blurred overall picture.
    Should you activate this effect? Yes.
  • HDR.fx : Provides a brighter picture and a greater depth of color if your monitor supports it.
    Should you activate this effect? Yes.
  • Technicolor2.fx : Makes the color more vivid and less saturated, giving the game a more realistic look.
    Should you activate this effect? Yes.
  • Vibrance.fx : Combines some of the effects already mentioned. The picture becomes brighter and the colors more vivid.
    Should you activate this effect? Depending on your taste.
  • LumaSharpen.fx : Works similarly to AdaptiveSharpen.fx and sharpens the overall picture.
    Should you activate this effect? Only if you don’t use AdaptiveSharpen.fx. Since both shaders work similarly, they get in each other’s way, which is why only one should be active at a time. Just try both of them one after the other and then decide on the effect that you like better.
  • Clarity.fx : behaves like AdaptiveSharpen.fx and LumaSharpen.fx
    Should you activate this effect? Only if you have deactivated AdaptiveSharpen.fx and LumaSharpen.fx.

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Reshade settings for Battlegrounds

You would have done the basics. Now you have to configure Reshade in PUBG. To do this, follow the steps below. If you have not selected some effects, you can of course skip their configuration steps.

  1. Start the game and press Shift + F2 to open Reshade manually.
  2. Click on the plus symbol and create a new profile.
  3. If you want to assign the individual effects to a specific key, you can make this setting under “Toggle Key”. In this way you can switch between different shaders at lightning speed. Then it’s time to get down to business.
  4. Sets the value under Technicolor2.fx next to Strength to 0.500.
  5. Sets the value under HDR.fx next to Power to 1,020.
  6. If you want, you can screw on other controls. When you’re done, click on the Settings tab and select the “Performance Mode” under “Usage Mode”. As soon as you want to change something again, you have to select “Configuration Mode” again.
  7. That’s it. Click Reload to apply the settings and plunge into the battlefield.

Battlegrounds: How to improve your graphics and recognize enemies earlier

In addition to a better overall picture, the use of Reshade also has a very practical use: With the right settings, you can sharpen the subtly washed-out look of the game and thus recognize your enemies earlier. If you have made the above settings, you are already quite well equipped.

However, you can also turn a few screws in the regular graphics settings. The most important and most demanding point for your computer: Ideally, set the visibility to Ultra. It goes without saying that this means that you are far superior to distant enemies with a medium range of vision. In addition, you should set the vegetation density to very low. The foliage and other greens contribute a lot to the atmosphere, but it also distracts from the actual gameplay and can partially block your view (at least that was the case in the past – now the quality setting should no longer have any effect on the density of the vegetation). You should also set the shadows to medium or low, depending on what you can still expect from your eyes. Finally, it is advisable

PUBG:  How to Uninstall Reshade

If you want to remove the program from your hard drive again, this is quickly done. To do this, open your Steam library, right-click on PUBG and select the properties. There you first click on the “Local Data” tab, then select “TslGame”, then “Binaries” and finally “Win64”. In this folder you can now delete everything except the entries “TslGame”, “TslGame_BE” and “BattleEye”.


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