How to stream PUBG Mobile on Facebook from PC

How to stream PUBG Mobile on Facebook from PC

The gaming world is growing with great speed and in this streaming, the game has become a trend or I can say much like a hobby for every other player. The stream can be of any game small or big does not matter. Not only that but the streaming job is even considered as important work to be done by experienced players so that they can pass their knowledge of tricks and tips to newly joined players. Through this potential job, even the players managed to earn a fortune which is considered then is quite profitable for sure. Sharing your PUBG gameplay over your social media is quite normal nowadays as there several platforms that can be used for this very purpose such as YouTube, Twitch, Nimo as well as Facebook.

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In all these platforms using Facebook for streaming PUBG is a bit complicated as in there you require a third-party application to live stream your gameplay in a proper and sophisticated manner. And all this trouble is mainly done because till now the Facebook platform does not have an application linked to it that can support live streaming of games, but they do have a live streaming API where you can simply configure your favourite third party live streaming app. There are several live streaming apps present on the internet that can be downloaded for free and then simply use for live streaming in your respecting Facebook account. It can be said that for an ordinary player it would be quite challenging to mimic what a professional player normally does. In such a case practising is the main key in here that can make you quite perfect. Hence in this very article, we are going to discuss the topic of how can a player stream PUBG Mobile on the Facebook platform using a PC. This topic is even searched over and over so if you someone looking forward to clearing some doubts then keep reading forward.

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How to configure the Facebook account for streaming?

The first thing you are required to do is some configurations within your Facebook account. The most important thing required initially is an API stream key from Facebook. This can easily be achieved at After opening this page kindly click the create live stream button and there the key will be shown. In there you can even choose where you want to post the live stream you can change it on the post tab available on the upper right corner of the screen. Kindly make sure that you have already copied the newly generated stream key when you are in the process of changing the overall settings. You can even go to the settings to configure some of the preferences that you wish. Since now you already have the stream key you are ready to use the third-party software for streaming.

Streaming PUBG Mobile on Facebook using the Omlet Arcade:

If you are in search of a great platform through which you can stream your PUBG gameplay via the Facebook account then Omlet Arcade is the best option available to do so. This application is not only for PUBG Livestream but covers maximum android games as possible. There are simple steps to do so.

  1. Firstly, you have to go to Google play store and in their search for the app download and install it on your respective device.
  2. This application is free to download
  3. After the installation open the Omlet Arcade, follow the simple steps to make an account
  4. After that go to the dashboard of your account and in there you must tap on the plus symbol and go live. Now from here, you can go to the live settings.
  5. From there now you can choose your favourite platform such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook etc.
  6. If you wish to stream on multiple platforms after upgrading, your account.

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Streaming PUBG Mobile on Facebook using the OBS Studio:

This is an open broadcaster software. This is a free and open-source software used for video recording as well as live streaming. This app works on a various operating system such as windows, Mac and Linux. This program can easily be downloaded from and choose the right OS. After this install, the program-> opens it -> Go to file settings-> and then open the stream tab in there change the service to the Facebook line and then enter the stream key -> click after changes button. Another configuration that you should add is a screen to the left corner of your game screen. After this, you are good to stream.

Streaming PUBG Mobile on Facebook using the DU Recorder:

This is another most efficient way that can be used to stream PUBG is using the DU recorder platform. Just like the Omlet Arcade, this application is also open for all the games installed on your respective smartphones.

  1. Firstly, download the application from the Google Play store and install it on your device.
  2. After this open the app and give it the necessary permissions so that the DU recorder can connect with your Facebook account and do the necessary changes required.
  3. After this tab on the video icon and in there see the live one
  4. From the list of platforms available choose the one you want to stream on that’s Facebook.
  5. Then you can create the title of your stream and select privacy settings in there.
  6. After this, you are all ready to stream the game


I hope the ways listed above can be helpful for all my readers


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