How to download PUBG without Play Store

How to download PUBG without Play Store

PUBG is the most popular game available on the internet nowadays. The game is so much in fashion that it has gained a lot of support from players around the globe. There is even a lot of information available on the internet that suggest the game to be the most played game as compare to many famous console multiplayer games available in the market. But there are some new or I can say modern android phones newly launched which do not have direct access to all the available google services by default which is a huge problem in case of accessing many famous games on your device. Due to this very reason, there are multiple searches made on the web about the ways through which PUBG game can be downloaded without using the play store. In this article, we are going to discuss a few of those steps in detail. So kindly pay attention to every piece of information been shared below.

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All these methods mentioned below are quite easy to follow without any sort of complexion encountered in between. Apart from this, the safety factor is also fully assured. All kind of files that you downloaded using these steps are officially provided from PUBG developers or indirectly through the play store. As if your device doesn’t support some essential features of google services then that should not stop you from playing PUBG. This is the belief been shown by the PUBG game developers all the time. Here we are going to discuss three major methods step by step. Kindly believe that we are going to discuss the three safest methods available for you to start playing on your android device without using the play store.

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Method 1: Download APK from the official site

This method is considered one of the most efficient methods of all time. It has been used as an alternative method by a lot of people earlier. Kindly follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. To start first you need to visit the official site of PUBG either using your phone or any other device. I have attached the link below.

  • At the start, you will see some details on the official page such as the about section followed by some gaming photos and then in there you will see an APK download button. In there you will see the size of the APK file will be mentioned.
  • The user is required to press the button and then you need to allow the download to take place from the browser.
  • While the application is downloading kindly make sure that the unknown services option is been allowed on your android phone. This can be done by going to the settings of the device and then selecting the security option where unknown services option can be allowed.
  • After the file is downloaded on your device kindly install it. After this, the game can be played without any problem.

Method 2: Download the PUBG mobile APK from trusted websites

Many sites are considered trustworthy for downloading APK files. All these sites do not include any kind of excessive pop-ups or any kind of ads in particular. Here we will discuss APK pure site as an example. Kindly follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. You can head over to the website using the following link:
  2. In their kindly search for PUBG mobile and down below you will see some options to choose from.
  3. Now in there, you need to choose the option and then click on the download option. Through this, you will be able to download the latest version of the game without any problem.
  4. After the APK file is downloaded kindly install it on your device and then you can start playing the game.

Method 3: Download the PUBG game via 3rd party app store

There is one more option available through which PUBG can be download without using the App Store. This option makes everything quite easy in the first place. Through this method, the user will be allowed to manage your application just like your phone storefront application.

  1. Kindly follow the link mentioned here: Through this, you will be able to download the APK pure application. Firstly, you will be able to see the official page with the about section and followed by many other things.
  2. After the download kindly installs the file on your device. Now you will able to open the application of PUBG and then use it.


All the methods mentioned above have been used by a lot of people and according to them are quite effective as well. Also, if you are using any of the above-mentioned methods then kindly do not worried about the safety of your devices as all these methods are quite safe to be used. I hope the information been shared was useful to all my readers. 


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