Cyberpunk 2077 Tips and Tricks

For a long time, people were waiting for the very launch of Cyberpunk 2077 and now it’s finally out. If I have to be honest then it’s not less to say that the cyberpunk 2077 is something that people will pay for. This is the expectation someone would make from an open-world RPG and the one which is from CD Projekt RED is no less in that. With its launch in the market, many things will be going on in the market. You can just imagine diving into a city night as there are going to be a lot of things the game will be going to throw on you to make everything special like a quick succession in normal words.

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Top 5 Cyberpunk 2077 Tips and Tricks

#1. Don’t try to rush into the story:

The first piece of advice that I would like to give does not Rush into the story. This can be the most general tip that anyone will surely give at the very ending I am sure of. As a lot of you already know that the cyberpunk is a lot smaller than Witcher 3 which have a story that will mainly take 20 –30 hours to be finished. But the most important part is the crucial plotline that the viewers should mainly stick on. As per me don’t do that apart from this you can probably go to the optional stuff made available in there and try to explore all that up for once. This can give you a little practice for the main game. Side missions can be interesting sometimes. As for the starters, it’s not bad to do that a little. The side missions are mostly tied to the main storyline and in this way, you can see how the events turn out to be. Preparing yourself is never too late. 

#2. Try to play smarter not harder:

There is some set of this that will surely help you go through most of the cyberpunk 2077. If you initially set the game to normal where the enemy AI falls is not able to put much of challenge than its possible that you find yourself running short in case of RAM. Well, here I am not exactly talking about the storage but rather the speed in which you run is more important for this part. So, when it’s time for earning some extra points then do not think you can get easily with the low sense of intelligence as it is not something that will help you pass off the intelligent AI enemy. The main thing here to do is smart work, not hard work. 

#3. Try to look at the tutorial before you start:

While the game is about to start it allows you to see the full tutorial. This is right before you start up with your first mission. While this is possible that you would like to jump directly into some actions but trust me that is not a good idea. As here you must try to watch the tutorial to understand the approach first before you can begin. That would mainly teach you the basic of hacking, shooting, stealth and melee combat which will be quite useful to you throughout the entire game. This has been advised by a lot of experienced players as well.

#4. Try to keep up the athletics:

This is known to a lot of you that keep in mind to jump and sprint in every chance that you get as this will surely count towards your athletics stat and this is quite an important stat if you see. This will be providing you with the basic skills that you would require to do in every step required in the game.

#5. Take some time and try to smell the side quests:

The central story that is associated with cyberpunk 2077. This is however extremely urgent but here you are required to take up the optional side quests available. This can be used if you are trying to learn most of the game. As many of you already know that the mainline quest of cyberpunk is surprisingly quick to finish. There are many players out there who avoid this kind of situations but regret it later. And kindly d not try to skimp on the available side missions as cyberpunk has quite secret endings that will require you to have a lot of earlier experience. These endings are unlocked by completing blistering all these side missions as well.

There are few other tips that I would like you to know such as:

  1. Hack your wallet full
  2. Walk don’t run
  3. Give up on headshots
  4. Learn to quick save – lot
  5. Disassembling weapons
  6. Sell your junk
  7. Dialogue weapons
  8. Avoid fast travel


All the tricks and tips written above can help someone a lot. I hope the article was useful to all my readers.

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