Adsense is one of the best ways to make money via blogging. Here are the most common reasons why people with Google Adsense on their blogs make very little money.

Adverts are Placed in Places That Make The Site Look Ugly:

Believe it or not, people are not clicking onto your websites or blogs in order to look at the adverts. They are not stupid. They are looking at your blog in order to read or research something. If your blog is ugly, then it will put people off reading it. Having many adverts strung about the place with abandon is ugly, and makes the blog hard to navigate. People will not visit your blog again, and therefore have very little chance of clicking on your Adsense Adverts.

The Adverts are Inappropriate:

This happens quite a bit, where you will be debunking a physic and up there is the corner is an advert for a physic that really works. Better still, you are writing about how abstaining from sex is a groovy thing, only to have the cartoon of a flaccid pen#s running on one of your adverts, with a tag line about pen#s enlargement.

The Adverts Affect The Blogs Credibility:

Credibility matters–and when people log onto your blog to see adverts about a miracle cure for making yourself look younger, it detracts from your own website’s credibility.

Lot of Ads:

Adverts everywhere is the best way to make sure your readers never return. This is especially true if the adverts are reactive to a mouse pointer (cursor). When a reader gets distracted by noise or movement when they scroll over something it is annoying. Worse still, are the ones that load up and cover the writing if your cursor touches their links.

People Misunderstand The Potential of Adsense:

Many people are not failing at Adsense; they are just unaware of how little it can earn you. Think about it–how often do you click a banner ad? People rarely click them, and so you should not expect that many people will click your adverts. The earning potential is quite large, but your personal earning potential is likely to be very limited.

It Is Not Targeted Enough So It Is Very Unlikely People Will Click:

The adverts that are run on your web pages/blogs are only guesses, which relate to the people reading your pages/blog. The adverts are made by reading your blog and trying to guess what your potential readers may like to buy. Not only is guessing a hard job, but the Adsense readers are not very good at it because they are only reading words. They have no comprehension of what your blog is actually saying.

The PPC Cost is Low:

You need to get a lot of clicks in order to earn a decent wage with Adsense. You are not going to make hundreds of dollars per month, so stop trying. Get PPC Training in Delhi to know how to increase the PPC Cost for Google Adsense

No Specific Goals and Niche:

The Adsense reading and advert guessing function mentioned above is based on what it thinks will sell to your readers. This assumes that you will have the same readers repeatedly. If your blog does not have one overriding theme or goal, then there is little chance the same readers will return, and therefore the adverts are untargeted. The more untargeted they are, then the less chance there is of someone clicking on them.

People Click Their Own Adverts:

Trying to cheat, and getting your friends and family to click on your adverts will eventually get your Adsense account banned permanently. You should not click your ads by your own and not even ask your friends and family to do so.

Poor Quality Content:

If your blog content is of a poor quality then people will not visit and click on your adverts. Even the chances of Adsense ban for your site increase. You should write good quality content for your site if you want to earn from Adsense.

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