In this article we will be discussing about the best tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile to have a chicken dinner every time and will help you play better than the other players, as they may not be familiar with such tips and tricks of pubg mobile that we are explaining in the below article .

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We all know that PUBG is one of the most famous games for mobile devices. Since its launch, it becomes quite famous that most of the game lovers can’t avoid playing PUBG Mobile game. With over 50 million downloads, this game has caused a sensation in the gaming industry. “If you think the game is easy enough and you are going to win right from the start, you are wrong, because many experienced players will be out soon if they don’t play it properly. In this article we help you to find some of the most interesting tips and tricks that will allow you to have a chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile. All of the relevant information related to PUBG mobile tips and tricks is provided in this article below and quite useful in 2020.

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Top 30 PUBG mobile tips and tricks

Here is the list of 30 PUBG tips that you should follow while playing PUBG mobile game.  By properly following the guide, you will definitely get better results that you will definitely love those tips.

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# 1 Displays the third person or first person view

Simply click on the “TPP” option on the side of the screen and choose between “TPP” (“Third Person”) or “FPP” (First Person).

# 2 Better graphic quality

The higher the quality of the game, the better the game. Try to set the game display speed to a higher number of FPS so that the best graphics quality can be displayed on the screen.

# 3 Enable Peek and Fire

With the basic settings of the game, activate the Peek and Fire option to light the fire without exposing others too much.

# 4 Check if the aim assist in pubg is activated

In the basic settings of the game, check whether the assisted sighting function is activated or not. This feature allows you to hit the target precisely, even on touch devices.

# 5 Activate the left side fire button

Go to Settings -> Basic. Then activate the Fire button on the left side. This will improve the performance and speed of games, such as with the right hand, where the target can be hit while the left hand can play side by side with a shot.

# 6 Enable auto-open doors on PUBG

Just go to Settings -> Basic then the option to activate the “Auto-open doors” option. This will automatically open the doors of buildings and other doors to increase the efficiency of your game.

# 7 Adjust the size and position of the controls

Changing the size and position of the controls can help you adjust the size of your device or make it easier to access to play faster. Go to Settings -> Controls -> Personalize, then very easily resize the controls and the location.

# 8 Enables automatic charging settings

By activating this feature, PUBG Mobile will automatically adjust the game graphics, allowing you to easily view the best parts of the area. It can even be useful to make the most of the offer.

# 9 Try to reach to Ground Floor in Pubg whenever feel danger.

# 10 Last minute positioning

Do not forget to place it at the edges to get the maximum visibility around you and even be able to be photographed with precision. Follow other positioning methods that you think are really useful.

# 11 Edit chat messages quickly

As we all know, PUBG Mobile also provides virtual chat messages. These quick chat messages are useful when playing with a team. However, you can change your default messages by going to Settings> Quick Chat. From there, you can delete existing messages and create a new one.

# 12 Always use headphones

Well, if you’ve been playing PUBG for a while, the importance of headphones cannot be underestimated. With an appropriate headset, you can always hear the enemy’s footsteps sound.

# 13 Survival in the red zone

Well, if you are in a red zone, the first thing to do is to run. We suggest that you exit the red zone as soon as possible. However, if you are in a place where it is impossible to leave the red zone, it is best to enter a building.

# 14 Effective ways to hide

Well, on PUBG Mobile, you can hide behind trees, rocks and grass. You can also hide inside the car without alerting other players. The trick works in most cases, unless you have parked your car in the middle of the desert.

# 15 Analog size: Make it small to make character move quickly

#16 Crouch/Jump Randomly in PUBG to save from headshot of your enemies.

#17 Play in arcade mode in pubg to increase skills

#18 Always keep a look on Timer

#19 Capture the house in the last zone

#20 Use car in last zones

#21 Throw grenades in smoke before entering house

#22 Drive zigzag the cars to save yourself

#23 Don’t peek from same window of the car to save headshots.

#24 Lookout for campers in the corners of house

#25 Adjust 6x scope to 3x scope to control recoil

#26 Smoke the drop before loot

#27 Rotate yourself and kill the enemies

#28 Swap damaged vest with low level vest

#29 Keep the car with yourself till the end of the game

#30 Drive zigzag the cars to save yourself

Bonus Tips:

#1. Use boat if bridge is camped

#2. Shoot flare from moving car open scope to flare gun.

#3. Use the compass feature

#4. Do not overloot

#5. Use 2x inn m-416

#6. Use smoke as distraction

Finally, after reading this article, you have now identified Top 30 of the best PUBG Tips and Tricks For Chicken Dinner. If you find the above share it with other people. Also share your suggestions and opinions on this content using the comments section below. We will always try to bring all the latest and amazing information in our blog.

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