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Phones play an important role in our daily lives. Almost two-thirds of those who answered the survey said they checked their phones up to 160 times every day! We’re not here to pass judgement on anyone’s smartphone addiction, but we do want to assist you in understanding how to secure your phone from cybercriminals.

What is Phone Hacking?

Phone hacking is defined as any way by which someone gains access to your phone or its communications without your permission. This can be everything from sophisticated security breaches to simply listening in on insecure internet connections to name a few examples. It can also include the physical theft of your phone and the forced hacking of your phone using tactics such as brute force. It is possible for phone hacking to occur on any type of phone, including Android and iPhone devices. Because anyone can be a victim of phone hacking, we urge that all users become familiar with the signs of a compromised device.

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Tips for Keeping Your Phone Safe

When it comes to preventing easy hacking attempts, sticking to the fundamentals is a fantastic place to start for casual phone users. These include:

  • Never leave your phone alone in any situation. If you’re in a public location, the first and most important thing to remember is to have your phone with you at all times.
  • Change the passcode that is pre-installed on your phone. Your phone is likely to come with a basic, predictable default password, and those who are aware of this can take advantage of the situation. Change your code to something more difficult, and avoid using the commonly used “1234,” “0000,” and “2580” codes, which are all too easy to remember.
  • Manage the security of your Bluetooth device. Avoid connecting to insecure Bluetooth networks and turning off your Bluetooth service when you aren’t using it are two important security precautions.
  • Keep your PIN and credit card information safe. PIN numbers and credit cards should be stored in a secure app, or better yet, they should not be stored in your phone at all.

Methods for Preventing Phone Hacking that are more advanced

If you’re still concerned about hacking, there are more precautions you can do to keep yourself protected. Taking things too far, on the other hand, will defeat the purpose of owning a smartphone in the first place.

  • Avoid using unprotected public WiFi. Hackers frequently target crucial sites such as bank accounts over public WiFi, which is frequently unprotected due to inadequate security standards or even a complete lack of security measures.
  • Always make sure that two-factor authentication is enabled (2FA). This is a second way of verification that is used in the event that someone attempts to use your password. 2FA makes use of a second private account or something you physically posses on your person. 2FA is available for Apple ID and Google accounts in the event that your device is compromised by malicious actors; make sure to enable it for added security. Biometrics, such as fingerprints and facial identification, are becoming increasingly popular solutions. When physically available, physical USB keys are also an excellent option.
  • Delete your browsing history, cookies, and cache on a regular basis. It is critical to remove your virtual footprint in order to reduce the amount of data that can be acquired by unscrupulous individuals.
  • Do you have an iPhone? Turn on the Find My iPhone feature. By enabling the option in your phone’s settings, you’ll be able to track down your phone in the event that you misplace it before the hackers get their hands on it.
  • Nobody enjoys the thought of a situation in which offenders hack into their phones, install malware, or steal the information stored on them. However, when there has been a 680 percent rise in fraudulent transactions that have been made through mobile, it is impossible to ignore the reality that no one is immune to mobile fraud.

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The easiest approach to keep your phone safe from hackers is to do the following:

  • Make every effort in your power to keep your mobile account with your service provider safe and secure.
  • Keep an eye out for suspicious websites and downloads when browsing the web or using the internet.
  • Maintaining security software and keeping it up to date is essential. Never underestimate the value of security software.
  • Make use of antivirus and antimalware protection software that is reputable and dependable.
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