Ethical Hacking Course after 12th

ethical hacking course after 12th

In this post, we’ll look at ethical hacking courses in India in depth. After completing 12th grade and/or a relevant graduation program, the courses listed in this article may be followed. In recent years, ethical hacking has exploded in popularity. Internet security has become a problem for us as the use of internet technology has … Read more

How to Hack WordPress Website

WordPress is a free online website builder that is widely regarded as the most user-friendly and efficient blogging and website content management system (CMS) currently available. This outstanding PHP-based open-source website framework is used by a wide range of websites. A few examples of the types of websites that can be created with WordPress are … Read more

What is Cryptojacking attack, how to prevent?

What is Cryptojacking Cryptojacking refers to an unauthorized access of other’s computer in order to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, ripple, ethereum etc. Hackers get the access of the victim’s computer by encouraging them to click on a malicious link containing in an e-mail that ultimately loads the cryptomining code on their computers. Cryptojacking can … Read more