VirtualBox or Vmware comparison [VirtualBox vs Vmware].

This post is all about to VirtualBox v/s Vmware. Here is complete guide to compare VirtualBox or Vmware- The best two Virtualization software ever. By using this way you can install different Operating Systems in your host machine. Most Kali Linux lovers uses VirtualBox or Vmware only. But when you ask which I should go with then most will prefer to use VMware. Here you will get a reason why to use and which one is for you.

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is a combination of software and hardware engineering that creates Virtual Machines (VMs) – an abstraction of the computer hardware that allows a single machine to act as if it where many machines.

there are two type of software used for virtualization VirtualBox and Vmware. Let’s Compare features of VirtualBox and Vmware.


VirtualBox is best for visualizing single desktop environments.

          Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

          Price: Free


  • Easy installation of popular operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
  • Run multiple virtualized environments simultaneously
  • Run a guest OS in “seamless mode”, which puts the applications on your main Windows desktop
  • Fast performance all around
  • supports snapshots of your virtual machines, so you can start it up from any configuration or point in its life
  • 3D Virtualization
  • Open virtual disk images made in VirtualBox, VMWare, or Microsoft Virtual PC

   Why to use virtual box

First because it is free for use.  VirtualBox makes running other operating systems—whether it be Linux, other versions of  Windows, or even Mac OS X—super easy on your home computer. Just insert your install disc (or point it to an ISO on your computer), and you can install it in a virtual machine with as much or as little RAM, CPU, and hard drive space as you want. It integrates with     our mouse pointer, so you don’t even have to click on the window to start using it, and lets you create “snapshots” of your machines so, like restore points, you can just boot it up from any point in its history and use it from that point. You can even share your clipboard back and forth between your virtualized and host OS.

   Why to avoid this

VirtualBox can seem a little intimidating to most beginners, but so can any virtualization  program. In addition, its “seamless” mode, while cool, isn’t done quite as well as VMWare’s— it brings the entire toolbar of your guest OS with it, and moving the Windows around isn’t the smoothest experience. But, overall, it’s still very feature-filled, and with a great documentation and a ton of users.

VMware is best for Server Virtualization


Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

Price: not Free


  •   include all feature of virutal box and some advance features also
  •   VMware Player, run directly on the hardware itself and provide all the services you need within the software package
  •  VMware also supports restricted virtual machines, which is useful when you want to prevent unauthorized IT personnel from tampering with configuration settings.

 Why to use VMware

             It includes some extra features rather than virual box. Vmware provides more user friendly and smooth options.

Why to avoid this

  It is not free. Provides so many options a newbie cannot understand all the complications.

Editor’s Desk – so i compared above both of commonly used virtualization softwares Virtual box and VMware. if you want to test only different os in your machine then i recommend you to choose virutalbox and if you need virtualization for your business related organization then choose VMware.

Rahul Garg

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