How to Protect Instagram Account from Phishing

Phishing is the most common method for hacking Instagram accounts because it is the simplest, according to the hackers. Instagram phishers build a fake login page that looks identical to the “real” Instagram. Hackers build this spoofed login page using fake apps that claim to help manage Instagram users’ accounts, then host it on public servers using free hosting and paying accounts. Some will even send you an email with a connection to the fake Instagram login page, requesting that you update your details. They have your credentials when you log in with your username and password!

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Hackers may use phished Instagram accounts to gain access to victims’ other online accounts, particularly if usernames and passwords are shared. On the Dark Web, all of this stolen, secret information can be monetized and sold.

Worse, victims may have no idea they’ve been hacked because the spoofed page will redirect them to the “actual” Instagram as if nothing happened. Isn’t that crazy?

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How Do Phishers Take Over Your Instagram Account?

A hacker may use one of two methods to take control of your account: Ninja Mode or Owning Mode.

A hacker in Ninja Mode does not alter the password or steal the account. They remain undetected in the background, tracking users’ everyday activities. The hacker then poses as the user and requests personal information from their followers. Hackers can use this technique without being detected due to Instagram’s features to “un-send messages” and “delete conversations.”

In Owning Mode, on the other hand, a hacker completely “owns” an Instagram account, changing data and removing information to make it more difficult for the real owner to reclaim their account. The account would effectively belong to the hacker. Hackers can sell followers if the account has a large following. Otherwise, a hacker can use the compromised account to access the victim’s friends’ accounts. Hackers claim that once they have taken over a person’s account, it is simple to imitate them, so they will reach out to their followers to steal more information!

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How to Get Your Hacked Account Back?

Former malicious hackers who have turned good have provided us with a few pointers to bear in mind throughout the recovery phase, saying that it can take weeks to recover an account because the hackers would adjust the password, username, and anything else on the account to gain complete control.

Here are some suggestions for getting back on the ‘gramme’:

  • If you fall victim to Instagram phishing, it’s possible that your account’s username or email address has been modified. If this is the case, there is a “get help signing in” option below the log-in button in your Instagram app. Additional instructions for regaining access to your Instagram account can be found here:
  • Instagram should be notified of these hacks or scams.

How to Protect Yourself from Instagram Phishing

  • Before granting permission to any app, make sure you read the permissions. Via the app, hackers may often gain access to all of your personal information and passwords.
  • Keep the 2-step verification enabled at all times. Even if the hackers know your password, they would not be able to enter your account.
  • Never trust any suspicious apps, and never use bots like auto-follow services that promise to boost your follower count or add comments to your posts!
  • Just download apps from reputable developers, preferably those labelled Editor’s Choice or Top Developer. Also, don’t pay too much attention to an app that has a lot of good feedback because it might be fake.

Top Methods to Protect Your Instagram Account From Phishing Attack

Given below are another method by which you can protect your Instagram account from phishing

Instagram also has protection features in place to protect user accounts. Users must also take security precautions and be mindful of any suspicious activity. If you use Instagram frequently, here are some tips for keeping your account secure from phishing attacks.

Authentication of two factors

Any online service we use for personal or professional purposes should have this security feature. Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of protection to your account by requiring another check after you enter your password. Codes can be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS or via other apps like Duo Mobile or Google Authenticator.

A Safe Password

Keeping passwords for various accounts can be time-consuming, but it is important. It is recommended that strong passwords contain at least six letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.

Phishing Direct Messages

Instagram users are often bombarded with DMs posing as an official company contact. Instagram never communicates with users via direct messages (DMs), and all official communications are sent via email. You can also double-check this under Settings > Security > Instagram emails.

The Hacked Accounts

If you find any suspicious behaviour in your Instagram account, you can use this connection to investigate and take appropriate action.

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