How to play pubg on linux, ubuntu

PUBG has become the most popular and played game in recent memory. The number of gamers is steadily rising. It drew the attention of all battle royale fans on Android and PC at first. We’re now going to teach you how to play PUBG on Ubuntu and Kali Linux. Following then, it became the Xbox … Read more

How to Get Sharpshooter Title in PUBG

The latest Battlegrounds Player Player Unknown Sharpshooter is considered one of the most difficult achievements to overcome. To get the title “Sharpshooter” on PUBG one has to kill 3 enemies alone with one headshot/bullet killing using the Sniper Rifle. To get this article over another block, you have to be in a platinum tank or … Read more

How To Get Chicken Master Title In PUBG Mobile

In the early version of PUBG Mobile, a new feature called title was introduced, which gives players a unique identity. This feature requires players to complete various tasks in order to get these titles. Getting these titles in PUBG Mobile is quite challenging as players need to complete various tasks in order to get these … Read more

PUBG Mobile Title Achievement List

In Pubg, a title is a badge that describes your special abilities and achievements. A Pubg title may be obtained by completing a certain job. Permanent and temporary titles are the two types of titles available in Pubg Mobile. Overachiever, Weapon Master, Perfectionist, and other permanent titles exist, although #1 Grenadier, #32 Long Shot, partner’s … Read more

How To Get Warehouse Title In BGMI

The Warhorse award is one of several that players may get by performing simple assignments. To gain Warhorse in PUBG Mobile. Examine PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale games, with millions of users worldwide. The online multiplayer game allows players to gain titles by performing missions and activities. These are accomplishments … Read more

How to fix PUBG Rank Mode Error?

PUBG is a wildly popular game. However, when you try to enter PUBG Rank Mode Error will occur. Your rank is not the only thing being affected. The game will not load fully. Luckily for you, Rank Mode Error is a problem that can be fixed with patience and persistence.  Here are some of the … Read more