NinjaJod Leaves TeamXSpark

NinjaJod Leaves TeamXSpark

Hey there, BGMI enthusiasts! If you’re all caught up with the latest happenings in the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) scene, you might have heard the buzz about NinjaJod’s departure from Team XSpark. But what’s the story behind it? Let’s dive into the details and get you up to speed!

NinjaJod’s DepartureNinjaJod and Team XSpark mutually parted ways due to undisclosed internal issues. NinjaJod joined Team Zero for a new venture.
Team XSpark’s Current RosterDreams, Spraygod, Sarang, and Coach Osmium comprise Team XSpark’s BGMI roster for the 2024 season.
Recent DeparturesPukar, Aditya, and Dreams bid farewell to Team XSpark, joining other esports organizations.
New Addition: NinjaJodNinjaJod, renowned for his MVP awards, joins Team XSpark, adding firepower to their lineup.
Testing Kyllo as AttackerWith NinjaJod’s departure, Team XSpark is testing Kyllo to fill the attacker role in ongoing competitions.

The Scoop on NinjaJod’s Departure

So, what exactly went down with NinjaJod and Team XSpark? Well, according to Scout, the owner of Team XSpark, NinjaJod is no longer part of the squad. In a recent live stream, Scout spilled the beans, revealing that it was a mutual decision between the team and NinjaJod to part ways. While the specific reasons weren’t disclosed due to internal issues, NinjaJod expressed interest in exploring new opportunities, which led him to join Team Zero for the Upthrust Esports India Rising tournament.

Team XSpark’s Updated Roster

With NinjaJod bidding farewell to Team XSpark, you must be curious about who’s still on board, right? Here’s a rundown of the current BGMI lineup for Team XSpark’s 2024 season:

Tushar “Dreams” Jain
Harsh “Spraygod” Malik
Sarangajyoti “Sarang” Deka
Rahul “Osmium” Sharma (Coach)

This seasoned squad is gearing up to make waves in the BGMI arena, despite recent changes.

Departures and New Additions

It’s no secret that Team XSpark has seen some comings and goings lately. Pukar and Aditya bid adieu to the squad earlier on, joining Entity Gaming and Godlike Esports, respectively. And just recently, Dreams, the In Game Leader (IGL) of Team XSpark, made a move to Hydra Esports.

However, in the quest to fortify their roster, Team XSpark brought NinjaJod into the fold for the 2024 season. With an impressive track record of MVP awards under his belt, NinjaJod is set to inject some serious talent into the team.

Testing Waters with Kyllo

Following NinjaJod’s departure, Team XSpark found themselves in need of an attacker. Enter Kyllo, the new kid on the block. The team is currently putting Kyllo through his paces in a few ongoing competitions to see if he’s got what it takes to fill the void left by NinjaJod.



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