Is BGMI Facing Another Ban in India?


Let’s dive into the latest buzz around Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Rumor has it that India’s cybersecurity division has put forth a request for the delisting of BGMI, potentially leading to another ban on the popular game in the country.

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BGMI, a well-known game, had faced a ban back in June 2021 but was subsequently unbanned in May 2023. However, recent developments suggest that it might be in hot water again.

What’s the Buzz About?

According to reports from News 18, the cybersecurity wing of the Indian government has recommended discontinuing the BGMI app. This recommendation stems from concerns about the game’s data collection practices, which are seen as potentially compromising national security and leaving the door open to cyberattacks.

Despite BGMI’s servers being based in the US, authorities are keen on ensuring that there’s no unauthorized movement of data to servers located elsewhere.

The History of BGMI Bans

The saga of BGMI and its bans traces back to the original ban on PUBG Mobile due to cybersecurity worries. This led to the creation of Battlegrounds Mobile India as a region-specific version. However, even this iteration faced a ban in 2021 due to data sharing breaches.

Is Another Ban Imminent?

As of now, the information about the cybersecurity agency’s recommendation remains a rumor and should be taken with caution as it lacks confirmation from official sources tied to Krafton or the union ministry.

Despite no official ban in place currently, the cybersecurity concerns raised could potentially lead to BGMI facing another ban, especially given its history with cybersecurity issues and reputation damage due to unlawful activities associated with the game.

The Future of BGMI

The likelihood of BGMI being unbanned again may be slim, considering its past ban for cybersecurity reasons and ongoing challenges with maintaining data integrity and security.

Now, let’s delve into some frequently asked questions based on the content discussed:


  1. <strong>Is BGMI currently banned in India?</strong>

    As of now, BGMI is not facing an official ban. However, there are rumors about a potential ban due to cybersecurity concerns.

  2. <strong>What are the specific cybersecurity issues associated with BGMI?</strong>

    The concerns revolve around BGMI’s data collection practices, which are feared to compromise national security and leave room for cyberattacks.

  3. <strong>Why was BGMI created as a country-specific version?</strong>

    BGMI was developed as a region-specific version after the original PUBG Mobile faced a ban in India due to cybersecurity worries.

  4. <strong>Is there any confirmation from official sources regarding the potential ban on BGMI?</strong>

    No, the information about the cybersecurity agency’s recommendation is currently based on rumors and lacks official confirmation.

  5. <strong>What could be the consequences of another ban on BGMI?</strong>

    Another ban could impact the game’s popularity, player base, and overall future in the Indian gaming market.

In conclusion, while the future of BGMI in India remains uncertain, the concerns raised by the cybersecurity agency hint at a potential ban looming over the game once again. Players and enthusiasts will need to keep an eye on official announcements for any updates regarding BGMI’s status in the country.

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