PUBG Mobile hacks Cheat Codes, PUBG Wallhack Aimbot [Proved 2024]

pubg mobile hacks

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and does not endorse hacking or cracking. Instead, it aims to inform the reader about the methods that hackers use to access and exploit digital assets. By understanding these tactics, individuals can better protect themselves and secure their assets. Therefore, at the end of the article, preventive measures are discussed to aid in this effort.

PUBG, also known as Player Unknown’s Battle Ground, is a hugely popular game with a staggering 60 million copies sold and over 85 million daily players. It has made a significant impact in the gaming industry and has become a craze among young people.

As a PUBG player, you are likely familiar with the term “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (WWCD)” which is the reward for winning the game. However, with the growing popularity of the game, hackers are becoming more active in exploiting its features. This includes the threat of PUBG Mobile hacks for both Android and iOS platforms. These hacks pose a danger to PUBG players, regardless of the device they use.

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In PUBG, players are dropped onto a ground via parachute, forming groups. Once on the ground, they can collect various equipment such as firearms, explosives, backpacks, and medical kits. These items can be found by searching buildings and other locations. Players must remain within the safe zone to avoid being killed by other players. The objective is to outlast all other players in the battleground and become the last one standing. The winner is then awarded the coveted prize of “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner,” as well as points that can be used to purchase premium equipment.

PUBG Mobile KR APK offers the Korean version of the popular battle royale game. With stunning graphics and intense gameplay, it provides an immersive experience for players. Explore diverse maps, engage in thrilling firefights, and strategize with your squad to emerge victorious. Download PUBG Mobile KR APK now for an adrenaline-pumping gaming adventure.

How to hack PUBG mobile on Android No Root (2024):

The PUBG Mobile hack operates by executing a hacking script on your Android device while playing the game. This allows you to alter the PUBG APK build and gain an advantage over other players.

  • If you have already installed the PlayStore version of Battlegrounds Mobile India on your phone, uninstall it. (This step is important)
  • Go to your phone’s settings and under security, enable unknown sources.
  • Download the Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod Apk from the “Download Page” and install it (Allow it if asked during the installation process).
  • Download the Battlegrounds India Mod Apk and OBB files from the “Go to Download Page”.
  • Extract the OBB file, then copy and paste it to the obb folder on your Android device.
  • Close and then reopen the Battleground India game.
  • Login using Twitter only.
  • Access the MOD menu.
  • Enable all mod features.
  • Enjoy the game!

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What PUBG Mobile Hacks possible?

These are various features that can be found in PUBG Mobile hacks. The “Wallhack” feature allows players to see through walls and other obstacles, providing an advantage in gameplay. “Automatic Headshots” allows for easy targeting of other players’ heads, increasing the chances of making successful kills. “Change Body Colors” allows players to alter their body colors, making it more difficult for other players to spot them. The “Anti-Ban Feature” is designed to prevent the player from being banned from the game for using hacks. “Speed-Shots” allows for faster shooting and reloading. “No Footprints” hides the player’s footprints, making it more difficult for others to track them. Finally, “High Damage of enemies” increases the damage dealt to other players, giving the player a significant advantage in battles.

Tools Required For PUBG Mobile Hack

  • Download PUBG Hacking Script
  • Download Game Guardian
  • Download Dual Space
  • Download Anti-Ban Host
  • Download Strange VPN APK
  • Download ZArchiever from Google Play Store

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Steps by Step Guide to for PUBG Mobile Hack on Android (NO-ROOT)

  • Step 1: Download ZArchiver.
  • Step 2: Extract the PUBG hacking script file to your Android device.
  • Step 3: Install Game Guardian, PUBG Mobile, and Strange VPN.
  • Step 4: Open Dual Space and create clones of Game Guardian and PUBG Mobile.
  • Step 5: Launch Game Guardian and select the PUBG hacking script to execute.
  • Step 6: Start PUBG Mobile and look for the Game Guardian floating icon on the screen. By clicking on this icon, you will be able to access various hacks, such as Automatic Headshots and Wallhack.

#1. PUBG Cheat Codes Mobile

As PUBG continues to grow in popularity, attracting more players each day, hackers are constantly seeking out vulnerabilities in the PUBG Mobile hack. This has led to the creation of many PUBG cheat codes for mobile devices. However, PUBG has a strong security system in place, and those who are caught attempting to hack the game will be banned from playing. In June 2018, PUBG banned a significant number of players for using cheat codes on their mobile devices. It is important to note that PUBG is a secure online game and any attempts to hack it will result in a ban from the game.

Is it Possible PUBG Mobile Hack and to Cheat PUBG Mobile Game?

Yes, hackers are utilizing mods such as the PUBG Mobile hack aimbot, advanced aim assists, wallhacks that allow them to see other players behind walls, macros, and other cheating apps on both Android and iOS devices. However, it is not possible to generate unlimited Battle Points, UC, items, crates, or other in-game items.

#2. How to do PUBG Wallhack Mods?

The PUBG Wallhack allows players to see through walls and view enemy players, vehicles, weapons and ammunition, supply drops, and other essential in-game items. This gives the player an advantage in looting and eliminating enemies more easily, increasing their chances of survival and earning more points, rewards, Battle points, and loot crates.

PUBG wallhack is a mod that modifies the game’s code, allowing you to see enemies, weapons, supplies, and other important items through walls. With this hack, you can loot items more easily and take out enemies with ease, thus increasing your chances of survival and earning more rewards, points, and loot crates. However, PUBG has made efforts to improve its security and prevent such hacks but one can still download a PUBG Mobile Wallhack from internet for free, and using a wallhack can result in a ban from the game. It’s important to note that downloading and using PUBG mobile wallhacks is not recommended.

#3. How to Use PUBG mobile hack Aimbot

Automatic aiming bots and apps are used to target the aim automatically and shoot for if you press down the button. It is one of the best hacks available for PUBG mobile and very rare to see as it is quite complicated to implement. Many of the automatic aimbots for both android and IOS games are available in the form of increased aim assist.  In this method, the code for aim & shoot is injected into PUBG game at client side or user side.  The “code” is accessible in the form of increased aim assist for most Android & iOS games. Aimbots are only detectable by the anti-cheat programs launched by PUBG creators where the game is hosted. If any other player report about it, you will instantly get banned.

Using Aimbot PUBG Mobile hacks has a higher risk of getting you banned as compared to other hacks or mods. If you have planned to use aimbot pubg hacks then do respect your fellow players and don’t abuse them as it will get you banned and identify you as a cheater. Other tips and tricks that you can keep in mind while using PUBG mobile hack aimbot are as follows:

  • Don’t shoot through the walls.
  • Don’t shoot the players in every go, keep it natural as if you are so accurate in shooting the enemies than you may easily be identifiable as cheater.
  • Set a limit between your aiming speed and shooting speed.
  • Don’t always shot on head. Aimbot detects graphics objects such as head, torso etc.  Set your profile with few numbers of headshots only.
  • Get aware of Kill cams and don’t let others know that you are using aimbots.

#4. Hack PUBG Battle Points

In PUBG Mobile, Battle Points (BP) are a form of virtual currency that players can earn through their performance and achievements in the game. These points can then be redeemed for in-game crates that contain cosmetic items such as costumes. Players earn BP for killing enemies, as well as for their overall performance and ranking. While these items don’t give a direct advantage in the game, they can be useful for blending into the environment if the costume resembles the surrounding textures.

Players can also earn BP by watching advertisements on certain websites or by using an AFK (Away From Keyboard) mode. In AFK mode, players hide in a safe spot on the map and remain idle, earning BP based on their survival ranking. This is a legitimate trick to earn BP in PUBG Mobile and does not pose a risk of getting banned from the game.


It is a known fact among PUBG players that having a slight increase in speed can give you an advantage over other players and increase your chances of survival in the game. There are many players in the PUBG community forums who complain about other players having an unusual increase in speed.

The PUBG Mobile game speed hack can be achieved by making minor modifications to the game code, but it’s crucial to only increase the speed slightly, as the anti-cheats in PUBG can detect any excessive modifications and ban the player from the game.

The process of increasing the speed in PUBG is straightforward. You need to access the code of PUBG and make changes to the values of outbound packets and send packets faster than the normal speed.

These are some of the methods for PUBG Mobile hacks. If you find them interesting, feel free to share them with your friends.

FAQ About PUBG Hacking

How to Implement PUBG Mobile Hack Mods?

Mobile Mods for PUBG can be downloaded as APK files for Android devices or IPA files for iOS devices. These files can be stored in the file manager and then installed on the mobile device. However, for the mods to work, you may need to root your Android device or jailbreak your iPhone.

What are the different PUBG Hacks?

There are various hacks available for PUBG that can enhance your gaming experience and increase your chances of winning. These hacks include aim bots that help you shoot headshots from a distance, wall hacks that let you see through walls and identify loot, speed hacks that increase the speed of your character, and radar hacks that reveal the position of enemies on the map. Some of these hacks can be found for free with downloadable links, while others require premium services. However, it should be noted that using these hacks may lead to consequences such as being banned from the game.

How can I find out someone who’s hacking in PUBG?

Identifying if someone is hacking in PUBG can be challenging, but there are some tell-tale signs that you can look for. If you die in the game and watch the replay, see if anyone shot you from an unusually long distance, as this could indicate the use of aim bots. Additionally, pay attention to the movements of other players. If they seem to be tracking you behind walls or moving at abnormally high speeds, it could be a sign that they are using hacks. By keeping an eye out for these red flags, you may be able to spot a hacker in the game.

What are the consequences of using hacks in PUBG?

Using hacks in PUBG can have serious consequences. The risk of getting banned is always present when using cheats in any online game. PUBG Corporation has implemented an anti-cheat system that closely monitors suspected cheaters. If a player is found to be using hacks or cheats in PUBG, they could face a ban for up to ten years on mobile, or an indefinite ban on PC. In severe cases, the player’s hardware may even be banned, effectively preventing them from playing the game at all.

How many players have been banned in PUBG?

As per the latest information from PUBG, roughly 13 million accounts have been banned since October 2018. A majority of these banned accounts were found to be using radar hacks. At the close of 2019, PUBG Corporation also announced that it had banned nearly 100,000 accounts in a single week.

What are the different Professional Players have been banned in PUBG?

Several professional PUBG players have been banned over the last two years for using cheats and hacks in the game. The majority of these players were caught using Radar hacks. Some of the most well-known players who have been banned include TEXQS, Sezk0, swalker, Exko, Iamcaa, THZ, Avalon, LiammmTV, Smitty, Tefl0ntv, S1D, DevowR-, PAPAYA, Cuhris, Cabecao, Zuppaa, and Steph.

Alert for Hackers

The developers of PUBG have stated their stance against any modifications made to the game, and have taken action against those who cheat or hack by banning them from the game. In fact, there have been over 100 arrests made for PUBG hacking. It is important to play the game fair and square to avoid any potential consequences.


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