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Best finger claw setting pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile, a multiplayer game, has surpassed all expectations in terms of popularity, and it’s easy to see why. The game has properly optimized graphics, allowing it to run on phones with lower-tier processors, a dedicated in-game audio channel for team communication, and, most importantly, extremely engaging gameplay that has drew in millions of players. Not only do people enjoy playing it, but they also […]

How to stream PUBG mobile on YouTube from PC

Streamlabs On a mobile device, Streamlabs is one of the best available applications for streaming. Streamlabs allows you to broadcast on YouTube or Twitch. It’s a feature-rich app that lets you use your microphone, something that many other apps can’t do. Streamlabs has a number of options for customising the layout and adding widgets such as chat and notifications. Omlet Arcade Omlet Arcade is a […]

Live Streaming Apps for Android games

There were old times when the streaming of games was only limited to desktop computers. But nowadays technologies have made up so many processes in the world of games because of which streaming of games for the gamers can be easily done through the smartphones and all other smart devices too. There are several apps available on the Google play store which is highly recommended […]

How to recover lost PUBG Mobile Account

As we know that PUBG Mobile is a popular battle royale game which is been supported and followed by millions of players around the globe. The fan level linked to this very game is amazing and all this is due to the popular plot that this game delivers. Other platforms such as YouTube has so much content about the game of PUBG Mobile which is […]

How to Download Free Fire OB28 Update

The Free Fire OB28 Update is updated today so that players can experience all the new features of the game in a couple of hours. The servers will however be down from 9:00 a.m. (+5:30 GMT) to 6:00 p.m. IST (+5:30 GMT) due to maintenance. This means that players are now eight and a half hours unable to access Free Fire. The servers are again […]

How to Recover Lost Free Fire ID and Password

The free mobile battle royale game ‘Free Fire’ has an enormous user base worldwide. The game developers are Garena, and they have a long history of promoting the welfare of their player base. Players can encounter various issues that are related to Free Fire’s operations. Furthermore, these problems may vary, including payment issues, hackers, and account recovery. Free Fire has a dedicated troubleshooting website specifically […]

How to top-up PUBG Mobile Lite Battle Coins

Several interesting things can be known about the PUBG Mobile Lite Free BC coins in 2021. These facts are important for the PUBG players as they can make use of these to save both times as well efforts been put in earning of these coins but still end with minimum numbers. This is of sure a waste of time. The game of PUBG is very […]