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List of Directory Submissions High PR Site

What is Directory Submissions? Directory Submission is the method in which we submit our website or blog in the different directories available on Internet. Directories are in fact contains the list of different websites or blogs of nearly every industry. One can find thosands of directories over internet and the webmasters can even submit their websites to this long list directories. One can find nearly […]

List of Video Sharing Websites for SEO

According to the study conducted by comscore the users in United States are now looking to watch videos instead of looking for content. Nearly more than 40 billion online videos were attahced in different video communities and the statistics are growing day by day. The study also proves that more than 85% of the people in United States watched the videos for more than 5 […]

High PR list of Web 2.0 sites 2020-2021

What are Web 2.0 Sites? Web 2.0 sites are the world wide web sites that provides the users to generate content and also allows the different users of the site to interact with each other through commenting on each other blog posts. Sometimes, these sites can provide you a complete social media platform as well including the ability to create content, blog posts etc. Most […]

List of Top 10 Forums to get Referral Traffic

Do you really need to really utilize the Top 10 forums Platforms at once over Internet? Why do you need to post your questions and answers on these Top 10 Forums list? Does Forums still have relevance after recent Google algorithms and updates? Let us find out. So, first of all question. Why do you need a forum? If you are a serious blogger (whether […]

List of High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

What is Social Bookmarking? Social bookmarking is a way by which we save or bookmark our link to different bookmarking websites. There are lots of members and traffic in different bookmarking websites; therefore you can expect a good amount of referral traffic from these bookmarking communities. Bookmarking your website or blog links online will provide search engines a notification that this link is precious or […]

List of Press Releases Sites for Submission 2019- 2020

What are Press Release Sites? Press Release websites are specifically for the distribution of latest news, event, launching of a product or service etc by a company or business. These sites contains heavy authority in search engines as well as for readers. The content of these sites is considered to be highly relevant and readers trust over the content of the press releases sites. Syndication […]

List of 100 High PR PDF Submissions sites for SEO 2017-18

Earlier in my blog I provide you a list of article directories where you can submit your articles. Now I am providing you a list of 100 document sharing websites where you also can do link building for SEO campaigns. PDF Submissions are quite essential for SEO. In fact if you do have PDF pages within your website and outside pdf documents linking your website […]