List of Video Sharing Websites for SEO


According to the study conducted by comscore the users in United States are now looking to watch videos instead of looking for content. Nearly more than 40 billion online videos were attahced in different video communities and the statistics are growing day by day. The study also proves that more than 85% of the people in United States watched the videos for more than 5 minutes. So, as per the statistics of this study we can easily analyse that the likeness of watching videos is increasing day by day among the audiences throughout the world. The statistics for other countries are not so different and the popularity for videos among the audiences is growing across the world.

Webmasters too are looking for the best resources through which they can engage the audiences and uploading interesting videos might be a worthful task to get more and more audiences to the business online. So, in this article I am sharing some free video sharing site list that can be use to get more and more traffic, audiences and thus enhance your visibility online. Sharing your business videos will help you to enhance your SEO as well.

So, if you are looking to distribute your videos to the targeted video communities, I am providing you the list of video sharing websites where you can easily upload your videos and thus can get a significant number of targeted visitors to your online business.

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List of Video Sharing Websites 2019-2020

Video SitesVideo playerVideo formatMax timeResolutionAlexa Rank ??201,280*7202 HTML 5 Open Web Video or FlashH.264, Sorenson codec, VP8, VP915, 660 for verified users3,840*2160p3 HTML 5 Open Web Video or Flash?31,920*108180 HTML 5 Open Web Video or FlashOgg Theora/Vorbis or H.264, Sorenson codec601,280*72086 HTML 5 Open Web Video or FlashH.264unlimited1,920*720p99 FlashSorenson codec, H.264Unlimited480*360113 FlashH.264, On2 Vp6unlimited640*384228 Flash or HTML 5 Open Web VideoOgg Theora/Vorbisunlimitedunlimited233 Flash???957 HTML5 Open Web Video or FlashOn2 Vp6Unlimited?957 FlashOn2 Vp6?464*3521142 Flash???2173 FlashOn2 VP6?540*3044985 HTML5 Open Web Video or FlashOn2 VP6unlimited1,280*72011833 HTML 5 Open Web Video or FlashH.264, 3GP, WebM, MP4unlimited1,280*72023133 Html 5 Open Web Video or FlashH.264Unlimited?29774 FlashH.264201,280*72058672 Flash or HTML 5 Open Web VideoH.264UnlimitedUnlimited77999 HTMl 5 Open Web Video or FlashMPEG 4 and RTMPunlimitedunlimited95633 FlashH.264Unlimited400*320 Flash??