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Buy and Hold as a Stock Market Strategy

I’ve read several articles recently that claim that buy and hold as a strategy is dead. My contrarian nature makes me believe that this may be the best time for a buy and hold strategy – if for no other reason than the fact that it is getting so much grief at the moment.  Additionally, most of the data cited looks at the performance of […]

How to Get Gambled or Speculative Returns from Stock Market

As an investor that is highly focused on fundamental research, I crunch through a lot of companies.  The majority of companies that I analyze are rejected relatively quickly.  The combination of a strong balance sheet, good financial returns, history of profitability and good long term growth prospects is difficult to find.  The interesting thing about all this sifting is that you end up being exposed […]

Chinese Silver Panda Coins – An Alternative Investment

Investing in precious metals can be a rewarding experience. I started my collection of silver with five each of the following 1 oz. coins: American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Austrian Philharmonics. When I received the coins in the mail I was amazed at the beauty of both the artwork on the coins and the overall feeling of owning a tangible store of value. Granted, […]

Gold Price Chart Analysis

I have been writing about gold, or gold related topics for quite some time and the reason happens to be that I find the gold market to be one of the most intriguing, if not the most intriguing financial market in existence. Among the things that make it so interesting are the players involved: governments, central banks, individuals, hedge funds, financial institutions, etc… Gold is […]