Digital marketing growth in India

Digital marketing growth in India

As we know that the internet access in the mainstream for a long time now. The use of which can be seen in mobile phones, computers as well as laptops. All this is leading to the chance of high change in the overall growth of all kinds of digital channels both in consideration of strength as well as volume. As social media is holding up the youth power in here that is the main reason it is always surfing with a bunch of information both important as well as not important on google or while making purchase overall together. India has however transformed this media into a fully-fledged market in which everyone is engaged somehow. However, the market has begun to flourish into a huge digital marketing platform in which the prime source through which the business is brought in by the internet.

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Digital marketing is been growing at a great rate which can be considered about 25-35% in India annually. Apart from this, it could be somewhat amazing to believe the statistics of the country India has reached about 500 million users of the internet by the end of the year 2018. Well, that is perfectly fine if you are not able to believe it at once but the fact is true and is been confirmed by a lot of resources recently. This will be also known by a majority of people that the world’s largest Facebook population is owned by India. Apart from this the high-speed digitalization, online portals, various small as well as big social media channels and many other things that lead as one of the most recognized factors in the growth of digital marketing platform. This is done as per the trend in the market. These marketing techniques were not always at this level where reaching people is quite an easy task as compared to before. But do you know how these things began in the marketing world? There are many methods used previously such as door to door advertisement, radio announcements, TV commercials and many other methods related to the three mentioned above as our country India has already dependent on the traditional method for the domain of marketing.

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As there was not the invention of internet taken till that time and if it was then only was used in some domains which could pay large revenue. As considering the situation nowadays the tools of marketing has changed from humans to gadgets. This was made possible because people started using gadgets such as mobile, computer and laptops on a high scale which allowed digital marketing to expand its wings as far as it can. Now with all these new techniques in the process, it has become quite easier to penetrate a large number of segmented audiences in a minimal effort as compared to the old techniques.

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There is a various successful example that has been provided to marketers from time to time as a proof to all the advantages that the new online system can provide is and is still improving by combining with all new technologies present in the market. The marketing domain has crossed several obstacles in its path to reach the level in which it is today. On average an Indian mainly spends about 5-6 hours daily just by scrolling through various social media handles, emails as well as browsers. The market of gadgets like smartphone, laptops, tablets are also growing with a great speed which will surely increase the usage and penetrate the market to reach the highest level as possible. There are various types of content available for internet influencers. And the digital marketing ideas are shared via images videos, texts and many other things being regularly seen by most of the people around. All this has a sound foundation that will reach the minds of people who are engaged in translating into these channels. As this is already known that digital marketing is all about influencing more and more people/audience online with the medium of content to be used to increase a brand’s impact over a large group of audience around.

As people spend a large amount of time on social media this on other hand empowers more and more digital marketers to create various impactful strategies so that maximum people put their trust in their brand. Apart from this consumers behaviour also matter a lot. If the right strategy is used then the maximum audience will be converted to sales within a short duration of time. The government of India also promote the concept of digital marketing will all the suitable things as they can this is the reason the domain was able to get huge support from people within a small duration of time. As the numbers in few years has been increased from 60 million in 2016 to 200 million in 2020. The impact of government and other sector support is easily visible. There is even scope that more development will be made in upcoming years too.


The growth of the digital market is kind of important for all other linked domains. I hope all the information been shared above was useful to all my readers.                  


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