How to do Email Marketing and Building Powerful Lists Online

How to do Email Marketing and Building Powerful Lists Online


If you are a blogger or a webmaster you might already familiar with the term Email Marketing and Email List. But only few know how it exactly works and how to bring favourable results from it? Do you know how to get started with building your Email lists? If not then don’t worry! I too was not much aware about this term 1 month ago. Yeah! It’s just now that I understand it completely and here at sharing my views and experience about Email Marketing and Building Lists. And now I can do some pretty heavy promotions to my blog, reach more audience, get some more professionalism and put my money on the list with it.

In this post, you will be learning from A to Z about building powerful Email List via your Online Website/Blog, making use of these lists and do more. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to evolve yourself into a better marketer.

Guide To Building Email Lists and Marketing It

What Is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the process of collecting E-Mail Lists online and making use of it later. We can gain more active Email Lists by creating a strong online presence, giving up something for free or by building trust and much more. And later, we can send personalized mails to them all in a click to promote your product, bring up more traffic and much more.

What Can You Do With Email Marketing? [Benefits]

It’s just like being popular and recognized blogger gaining some fans and then later making use of these loyal people to gain some profit in return. It all works just like that. But let’s dive in deeper. Shall we?

Improves Readership and keeps them updated.

Why don’t you feed your readers with your new posts and updated on your blog or website? With your Newsletter, it’s actually possible to automatically ping them when you have something new. It means that, you don’t lose readers any more. You can gain more re-visitors resulting in more traffic and readership. Your blog will be popular as you gain more subscribers.

More Targeted Traffic.

Since, you are only connecting back with the people who did the same to you, they are more likely to be interested/working on your niche. You know that it’s only Targeted Traffic that works better if you are not giving shit to AdSense.

Bulk traffic is just a ‘WASTE OF TRAFFIC’ and with targeted traffic, you can squeeze out some real cash from your online business.

Plenty of Engagement on your Blog.

When you are having loyal readers, it’s more likely to have comments and social shares by them. So your blog will grow in time.
By sending self-composed mails to them, the chances of them engaging and giving mind to the content are more. So, building lists can help you to make your blog a better place with more crowd.

Promote Your Affiliate Products, Sell and Monetize even better.

Yeah, the heading says it all. Right? What’s better than speaking to your huge audience personally about the product you’d like to promote? I’ve experience a huge increase in Affiliate sales after I started building lists last month. They like Private Messages more than open content.  You will see an improvement on your sales when you start using it too. You can even promote your Giveaways/contests which are hosted on your blog for a better result.

Promote the best posts you have even better.

Do you think you have an article on your blog which deserves more engagement? More popularity? Or is there a killer blog post which might help them really good at something? Then sending a huge wave of mails from your Newsletter is the best thing I recommend you.

Tell them more about the post and force them to read it. You can even send a list of top 5 or 10 posts of the month at its end. This kind of strategy work all the time.

Connect and Communicate with Your Loyal Dudes.

If you have something to ping them with (other than an external link) or if you want to have a conversation with them, your Newsletter is the best place to do so. Talking with your subscribers can benefit you in lots of ways and I’m sure I don’t need to explain more to you. You can actually ask questions and suggestions for improving yourself.

I’ve even requested my subscribers for choosing between the best Titles and suitable images for posts. And it works

Overcome drops in Traffic.

If you happen to have a huge dropping in your Traffic, then Email Marketing or making use of your Newsletter is the most Fail-Proof method to regain some and bring the action back to track again.

It’s like calling all of your audience for a quick helping hand. Try it

These are all I get when I think about the benefits of Email Marketing and I do hope that I haven’t missed any of them. If you have another advantage of building lists, please leave your comments below.

How to Start Building Lists.

So now that you know what you can do from the lists you’re going to make, wouldn’t it be an Epic Fail if you don’t know how to build some? Cheer up, you are just going to learn that.

But before proceeding, I’d like to recommend you one of the best Email Marketing software ever on the planet. is free software which can be used to build lists via your blog/website the easy and effective way. Right now I’m using MadMimi and I don’t have any plans to go for an alternative.

It comes with ‘Pro Plans’ with different limits which are quite affordable. Even the free plan is just awesome to begin with. The best part ever? The support team will be always there to help you with any kinda problems and they can guide you through. You can create Web-forms, Drip campaigns to welcome new subscribers and do more, connect with RSS and much more.

Make use of Web forms.

It might be an old fashioned way of gaining subscribers. But sometimes you gotta be a little old fashioned to win the game.
Create eye catching subscription forms and implement it on your blog. Having one on the Top of the sidebar and one below the content works all of the time.

With MadMimi, you can have logos or custom images in your web forms which will make it look much more interesting.

Provide USEFUL Content and Gain Trust.

If you give value to your readers, that’s the best way of building more subscribers. Always provide quality content and make sure your blog is worth RE-visiting.

Give them something in Return for Joining.

This is one Epic Method that almost every Internet Marketer or Professional Blogger uses. Who does not love Freebies? Why don’t you give something valuable to those who subscribe and for totally free? Mention it for sure

You can actually give them away almost everything possible. Like for examples;

  • EBook Guides.
  • Effective Courses.
  • Goodies (Themes, Plugins etc.)
  • Video Tutorial Sessions.
  • Software

And much more you can think of.

Display it when you have a good number of Subscribers.

This can help in impressing them and the chances of you gaining subscribers increases. Make sure you display your Twitter Followers, Facebook fans and RSS count (Only if they can impress your readers)

Just Ask.

Don’t think this is a bad way of promoting yourself. Asking isn’t that bad. So just ask your readers for joining your mailing list while you write.
For example; please subscribe to my newsletter using the widgets below or in the side

And if you can take it more than an example, which would be really appreciated Thanks a lot in advance.

Over to you

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But where do you think you are going now? Leave your wonderful comment or ask your doubt if you have one below. I love feedback.

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