How to Fix Valorant Error Code VAL 62

How to Fix Valorant Error Code VAL 62

Valorant players often encounter Error Code VAL 62, which can disrupt gameplay due to issues related to Riot Vanguard, the Riot Client, or network connectivity. This guide offers effective solutions to resolve this common issue.

Understanding Valorant Error Code VAL 62

Valorant Error Code VAL 62, also known as “NoGamepodsToPingFailure,” typically arises from server-related issues or network problems. It’s not typically caused by player actions but can occur due to updates, server maintenance, or connectivity disruptions.

Steps to Resolve Valorant Error Code VAL 62

Here are actionable steps to troubleshoot and fix Error Code VAL 62 in Valorant:

1. Restart the Riot ClientBegin with the simplest solution: restart the Riot Client. This can often resolve temporary issues.
2. Check the Riot ServersVerify the status of Riot’s game servers. If there’s ongoing maintenance or downtime, wait for it to resolve.
3. Flush DNS and Restart the RouterClear DNS cache and restart your router to ensure stable network connectivity.
4. Contact Riot SupportIf previous steps don’t work, contact Riot Support for personalized assistance and troubleshooting.

FAQs About Valorant Error Code VAL 62

1. What causes Valorant Error Code VAL 62?

Error Code VAL 62 is often caused by server issues, network connectivity problems, or maintenance updates.

2. How can I restart the Riot Client?

Simply close the Riot Client, wait a few seconds, and reopen it. This action can resolve many client-side issues.

3. How do I check the status of Riot game servers?

Visit Riot Games’ official server status page or use services like Down Detector to check for server issues.

4. What does flushing DNS do?

Flushing DNS clears the local DNS cache on your computer, which can resolve connectivity issues by fetching new DNS records.

5. Why should I contact Riot Support for Error Code VAL 62?

Riot Support can provide specific guidance tailored to your issue, especially if basic troubleshooting steps don’t work.


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