Why Your Blogging Goals Suck As A Beginner.

How many of you can say that your goals for blogging as a newbie sucked pretty badly?

Yes, you’re taught that goal setting is the best thing you can do, and if you don’t hand write your goals down, then you’ll never be successful in your life!

Surprisingly, some people believe this, but to each his or her own right?

Now if you’ve handwritten your goals down or use some other material to record your goals, you probably promised yourself that you’ll go to work until you accomplish your goals.

But how long does that actually last for many of us.

Yes, I’m also talk to you if you’re new to this blogging thing.

In many cases, the average newbie only is consistent for a very short period of time. If there’s no great results within that period, then many will just give up.

But there’s that cream of the crop that just are so stubborn to keep going. Some go months or even years trying to figure out the world of blogging despite all the mistakes and obstacles that get in their way.

Despite all the hard work and frustration, the results just doesn’t seem to budge that much. Quitting is just not in your vocabulary and you just want answers!

I commend all of you who are like this! You are definitely in an elite status for having this epic tenacity.

So if you’re reading this, this may be your lucky day to go beyond the threshold so you can have a clearer view of the promise land. So let’s go into your sucky goal setting and see how we can fix it!

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps” ~ Confucius

When I first started a home business, I didn’t want to set any goals. I just wanted to get it going!

How many of you can relate to this?

But later on I found out without any goals you tend to end up being everywhere and not going anywhere.

And many of you as newbies know what I mean if you haven’t created the goals that’s going to truly help you along your journey.

But when you are a newbie, you have this generic idea of what you really want, but at the same time you don’t know how it’s all going to fall in place.

When it comes down to it, it all depends on what your mindset is.

Your mindset is going to either make you or break you.

There are a lot of you who are working full time in Corporate America or at least have came from that arena with no experience with blogging or marketing in general.

So your mentality is going to be different than those who have come from a sales/marketing/entrepreneur background.

And for a lot of you it can be tough trying to juggle life and stay sane at the same time.

This is why it’s so important to make sure you have personal development and mindset training included in your routine.

For me, adding this in my routine in years past helped me to build stronger self-confidence and lift a lot of the limitations I put on myself so I can take notice of all the options and opportunities that are out there.

When you take notice of what’s around you that can help propel you forward I consider this as the beginning process of The Law Of Attraction.

But that’s another blog topic.

For this post, We’re just going to focus on why goal setting sucks at first.

Why The Goals You Set May Be Your Problem

When I got involved in Network Marketing some 7 years back, I was totally clueless.

My mind was just focusing on making more money and doing some of the tasks that was recommended by the leaders.

Little did I know that there were going to be a lot of obstacles in my way, starting with myself.

I will get plenty of No’s, the Condescending looks, the jokes, the failures, the stress, and much much more…

If you’re in network marketing, I’m just speaking from my own experience and not trying to discourage you to get out of it. It’s a great business model, but with any business model you’re going to run into quite a few bumps in the road.

But eventually I got out of network marketing because mainly it wasn’t a business model that fit the type of person I am.

But I did take notice of other great opportunities that were just as good and fits me a lot better.

Although I found these other opportunities, like i said before, there were and still are those bumps in the road that now I look to see how I can learn from instead of getting frustrated.

So with that said, I have a list of reasons why goal setting can suck based on my experience as a newbie (And I was a newbie for years might I add)

So here are my 7 reasons why I sucked at setting goals. Maybe you can relate

Being Very Generic With Your Goals

I want to make money!

You want to make money.

Everyone wants to make money

And of course my main focus was to make money. Not just any money but way more money than I was making at the time.

I mean, let’s be honest. That’s our primary goal, right? We are not Mother Teresa and we’re not trying to win the Nobel Peace Prize for our philanthropic work.

At least that’s what we believe even though a lot of us are putting up a big front of being this caring philanthropic, or is it that we’re actually really like that? Would this be our true selves?

Then you have to ask the athletes that make it to the pro’s are more focused on the love of the sport or are they focused on the money portion of it?

Here’s the one thing about professional people who are more or less balanced with themselves. They not only make a lot money, but they actually love what they do. From that love they come up with their goals so that each day in their routine seems fresh and brand new.

They get more detailed about their goals which allows them to enjoy the process even more. This allows them to attract the right people to them and their discernment between each person they should and shouldn’t connect with becomes crystal clear.

So when it comes down to it, you want to figure out what you love about what you do.

If you don’t like what you do, find out about what other options you have.

Once you find out what you love, from that point create your goals. As you go through time and get more experience, you’ll break down your goals even further to carry out and you’ll start to see better results.

Not Making Realistic Goals

Not being with realistic with your goals can set you up for many disappointment, failure, depression and can lead you to quit.

Based on this, I ask you, do you know who you really are?

Are you trying to be someone else in order to achieve the type of goals that are more realistic to other people than yourself?

This can be self damaging.

Not saying that you should compare yourself to anyone, but lets do it anyways since I’m trying to make a point.

As far as generating visitors, as a newbie, do you feel you can get 1,000 visitors a day to a new blog within a couple of weeks like a Neil Patel or Patt Flynn could?

In most cases that would be just about impossible.

But a lot of newbies tend to make goals like this and this can lead to those negative emotions resulting in quitting all together.

I look at being realistic as making sure that your goals correlate with who you really are and your current situation.

So if your someone who is new to blogging, work full-time, may or may not have a family, and not too many people know who you are as a blogger, then you definitely want to set up your goals based on your current personal profile.

You will be a lot less stressed, frustrated, and more focus on what you need to do to stay on track.

This is what I noticed when I started to be more realistic with myself and adjust my goals to who I was and the direction I wanted to take.

I tell you that it was a great relief and made my belief stronger than it was!

Trying To Network With Everyone (3 Foot Rule)

Probably one of the worst advice I’ve gotten is trying to connect with everybody under the sun.

And I tell you, I was consistent with this!

As a matter of fact, back in the earlier days of Facebook, there were days where I connected up to 50 people in that day.


At the time I was in network marketing I was taught “The more the merrier” type of approach.

But you know what happened that following year?

Facebook started to make strict algorithms preventing this because of problems with spam and other reasons.

It was a bummer for me, but it also made me realize how this approach wasn’t that beneficial.


For one, the majority of people saw that I was too self absorbed and wasn’t looking out for their best interest.

And two, the majority of people I was connecting with weren’t really that genuinely interested in starting a home business. If they were, their only focus was to make quick money.

So in this sense, I’m glad that Facebook came out with the rules and regulations of connecting with it’s members. It steered me in a different direction and made me realize that there are better approaches to connecting with people.

This is when I realize the important in finding your specific audience for your niche and how it will benefit you in the long run.

This brings us to the the next point of Mass Marketing.

Using Mass Marketing on Social Media

When I first realize that I can just send links to my sites online without going “door to door” offline, I thought I discovered the Holy Grail in a sense.

I thought to myself “All I had to do was put my link on Facebook and Twitter and the right people will click on it, go to my opportunity, buy my products, and this will result in me making at least 10K a month”

Boy I was wrong about that logic!

The only result I got from that was a very watered down marketing campaign!


Because the majority of other people were doing the same thing, and still do! So how will people find my links within the noise? Especially for the fact that I didn’t “officially” connect and build relationship with people within a specific audience.

Also I had to realize why would they want to click on my links and purchase anything for me. I had my own reasons, but that was pretty self absorbed.

I had to figure out why would anyone be interested in any of my offers in the first place?

And no, I had to get the idea of “Everyone would be interested” out of my head. It just doesn’t work out like that.

The best idea is to get noticed by specific people who are already interested in what you do or can relate better with you.

Once I had this in my head and started implementing it is when I started to get much better results.

Doing “Drive By “ Postings When You Publish A New Blog Post

The idea of building a consistent/cohesive community wasn’t even a thought.

Again, when I joined social media groups, I had the “Mass Marketing Mentality” as I just mentioned.

My daily goal was to just share my new posts with others.

I would joined groups, share my link, and leave to go on to the next group and do the same thing.

As a matter of fact, I had stumbled upon some tools where I could do this in one shot

Did it get me anywhere I wanted? Not really.

And in some instances I still do this, but it’s different now.


Because I connected with more genuine bloggers who are in similar niches that I am.

And on top of that, we got to become better acquainted whether it was through comments or just reading the About Me page.

And what’s even better is that I started to engage in a couple of groups and a blogging community.

Just through this focus I got way more traffic and subscribers than I did when I was doing drive-by postings to 50+ groups with the automated tools.

Being More Focused On Making Money Than Being Valuable To Others

This goes back to the first point I made!

The average person that starts a home business and use blogging as a strategy is more focused on money than anything.

At least I was.

But you know what?

It also feels good to be useful and being able to relate to other people.

You want to figure out what is it about you that attracts people and success.

Have you ever wondered if a bunch of people are selling the same product, why is it that one person is getting all the sales over the others?

There must be something intriguing and valuable about them that attracts those buyers, right?

Each individual is different, and each individual is going to attract a certain person within that target audience.

Although me and a bunch of people are selling the same products to the same target audience, I will attract the “Full-Time introverted employees that loves music” out of that audience for example.

Why, because that’s who I am and that’s what i project about myself.

Yes making money is a great goal, but also being genuine is. The more genuine you are, the more people who are very similar to you you’re going to attract.

You’re Only Try To Connect With High Influencers

I have one word for this! Topsy!

When I discovered the concept of influencer marketing and the site Topsy, I thought I was going to make it big time in less time.

I made it a point to find high influencers everyday to connect with.

Now there’s nothing wrong with this, but I should’ve known in my network marketing days that these high influencers are busy to the point that they must get people trying to connect with them all the time.

So I had to slow my roll a little when it came to connecting with high influencers.

I came to the conclusion that I needed to connect with people who I can relate more to and will more than likely take notice of me.

One of the wisest thing that anyone can do is focus more on those serious bloggers who are just a couple of notches ahead of you while you’re making efforts to connect with high influencers within similar niches.

You’ll find that you start to make gateways where other influencers will come to your blog based on those same serious bloggers you connected with.

In this case, it will work to your benefit to create a spider web of connections that will eventually lead back to your blog.

At the same time, it also helped me to create more realistic, attainable goals based on those bloggers who are just a couple of steps ahead of me.

In Conclusion

From my own experience I came to the conclusion that the only way to not suck at Goal Setting is through experience.

Yes, your goals are going to be generic at first and yes there will be many routines you’ll come up with that won’t be productive at all.

If you’re goal is to make 10K a month by leveraging blogging, then keep this goal. But as Confucius said, adjust your action steps accordingly to attain it.

Yes, sometimes it can be tedious and frustrating, but it’s all a learning process.

From your experience you’ll learn what not to do and how to fix problems. This is priceless!

So with that said, keep your mind open and your curiosity going.

And if you find that you’re stagnant or going backwards with your blog, you may need to analyze, create smaller achievable goals, and make those necessary changes to keep moving forward.

Now It’s Your Turn!

How is your goal setting?

Are you new at setting goals?

What have been some of your experiences in achieving goals?

What were your successes and failures?

How did you overcome your failures? Did you have to create mini goals?

Please share your comments below and share this post with your friends. I look forward to reading them!

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