Top New Apple Arcade Games

Top New Apple Arcade Games

The gaming world is quite huge to explore but once you get involved then there are lots of options available. On such option is the arcade game that at the first place is considered best for all the Apple product users. The best arcade game can’t be chosen at random because several options are mind-blowing. This platform is based on the subscription method. In simple words, I can say it as a subscription-based gaming platform in huge demand around the globe. This platform is been provided by the Apple company and is just a year older. Since the platform was made available to the users it has become quite popular.

There are around 40 new games which were released on this platform in the year 2020 itself making all its user surprised at once. The service is both for iOS as well as the Mac in an affordable price of 99 Rs as the monthly subscription. This can even be bundled up into Rs 195 a month when you take Apple One subscription with few more features enabled in this. Now I am sure you must be thinking the difference between the two well the first one comes with all the games while the second one has something extra included inside in it such as the Apple Music, Apple TV+ and 50 GB of iCloud storage. All this in 195 is not a bad deal. For a person who is crazy about the games, the arcade is compulsory which is a must for sure.

Apart from this, the company tries to add something new each month. The users always wait for all these surprises. There is a huge list which can be sometimes confusing as well as intimidating for many users out there. So, if you are someone who is trying to find the top games then the list varies from person to person and the same goes for the websites too. In this article, I will try to provide some of the games that are considered to be the best. The order can be different for sure. These games are been played by many players and are put into the list based on their reviews which I can be quite good in the first place.

List of Top 3 New Apple Arcade Games

#1. Creaks:

The first game in the list is known as the creaks. This game is been launched by the people or more so ever as the developers who are being appreciated for their superb quality of the artwork. The game starts with the player been thrown into a giant mansion which is a secret place of the game. The mansion was accessible through the walls of an unnamed protagonist bedroom view. The player once climbs down the first ladder that is visible to him. Then soon after that, the player is been tossed into a strange world full of unknown people which looks scary at first. There is a strange furniture type monster present in the game, some friendly bird people and much more no imaginary things. The game has a strange as well as scary soundtrack being loved by the player as it provided a great feel to the game. In here puzzles are solved and each stage is cleared with that.

#2. Beyond blue:

The second in the list that we are going to talk about is known as beyond blue. This game is the favourite of all time. This was even being appreciated for its amazing and stand out graphics in the year 2020. The game starts with the player been put inside a photo-realistic underwater reef where he is an environmentalist driver who has to solve by the secret of the reef, he is been put in. As the game moves forward the excitement increases.

The game is all about marine life adventures and how to live in there. The main plot in this game is though simple. The missions which are carried in here are adventurous as well as educative at the same time. There the players can see all kind of water animals including whales. The game is quite large to be explored.

#3. Little Orpheus:

People often think that a mobile game can be of that fun because it often falls short in the first place. Well, the third game in the list is something that will never disappoint the player when it comes to the length of the story. The game is known as little Orpheus. According to a lot of players, the game has the most interesting plot compared to all other games in the arcade. This is a soviet-themed game that gives the player the chance to explore and be in the character of an explorer who has the claim to travel to the centre of the earth at the starting of the game. There the player found out all the secret being hidden from the rest of the world. The game is also strange because sometimes it’s confusing to get what’s is been going on in the game. There are some normal obstacles the player needs to clear in between to move to the next level. Sometime the plot could be very simple while most of the time it’s quite challenging as well.


All the above games are superb to get experienced. Apart from this, there are few other games such as the Spyder, beyond the steel sky at much more. I hope the article was able to provide something you need.


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