Why Guest Blogging is ‘SUPERB’ for SEO

It feels great to be a guest blogger or guest author. I’m really grateful to be one myself. I have enjoyed every bit of this journey. It continues.

Throughout my journey of being a guest-blogger, I’ve learned quite a few things which I desire to share with my readers. One of the most important lessons that guest posting has taught me is that it works amazingly well for SEO.

Yes, guest blogging is simply superb for SEO.

Here are four key reasons –

#1. It Builds Natural Links

Guest posting has been in demand not because it builds links. It’s been adopted in large number because it builds links ‘naturally’. Guest posting is not one of those link building tactics that one can easily spam. You write them. Then you submit them to host blogs. And you are published only when your guest article fits in with the guidelines of the host blog owner (i.e. gets accepted).

It’s all a natural process.

[Google loves it when you build links naturally.]

#2. It Allows You to Choose Niche Sites with Excellent SE Authority

One of the biggest reasons that make guest blogging great for SEO is that it allows you to choose sites according to your requirements. Before you start to submit guest posts, you can conduct some research to find those sites that have relevancy to your niche, are authoritative and have excellent search engine authority. While looking for niche sites, it’s always advisable to focus on these three important metrics – Alexa ranking, Technorati ranking and Google PageRank.

#3. It Increases Your AuthorRank

You can expect Google to roll out the ‘AuthorRank’ (AR) feature anytime soon. SEO experts advice that it’s good to start building your AR now. People want to read articles written by expert and credible authors. That’s where AR comes into play. It’s a feature that ties a specific content to its content creator. The better your AR is, the better search rankings you’ll achieve. If you’re ready to start building your AR, you need to start getting your guest articles published on top quality blogs.

#4. It Establishes Relationships (= Links)

This is the reason that makes me fall in love with guest posting. When you write as a guest author, you come across several bloggers, industry professionals and experts who you can build relationships with.

Don’t forget: Relationships = Links.

Erin Everhart (Web and SMM Director at 352 Media Group) has written a nice article on how you should build the best relationships (rather than building links). And you should also agree that the best links come from best relationships.

A Few More Words of Advice

A lot of people (or bloggers) are guest posting to increase the popularity of their blogs, among search engines as well as people. But if you don’t follow the right path, you’ll only waste your time. Therefore, you should stop cranking out articles one after another and submit them as guest posts to other blogs.

Stop wasting your time, and start to utilize it effectively.

Don’t Be a ‘Hopeful Guest Blogger’, Be ‘Thoughtful’

When guest blogging becomes spam, the credit goes to ‘hopeful bloggers’. There are too many guys who would write one article and then create tens of copies of the same. Then they send you an email requesting to publish guest posts on your blog. They are only hopeful of getting ‘links’. They are not concerned a bit about how detrimental low or poor quality content can be to the host’s (i.e. your) blog.

Matt Cutts (the head of web spam team at Google) suggested himself that guest blogging has led to the increase of low quality content sharing on the web. No wonder, Google has grown up to the point where it can identify links around poor or shallow quality guest posts pretty quickly.

Start Writing Top Quality Guest Posts Now!

By now, you must be convinced that guest blogging or guest posting is not article distribution. It’s not about link building in the first place either. If you approach this technique with any of the aforementioned mindsets, you’re sure to get the entire thing ‘WRONG’ from the very beginning. To get the maximum benefits out of guest posting, you should always focus on producing value-added content.

Here are some tips for writing high quality guest posts –

Understand the audience you’re going to address
Put the audience first, then add links
Create killer headlines
Ask questions to spark conversation
Make it highly readable
Ensure there are no grammatical mistakes (Google is grammar-conscious also)
Try to make it controversial
Keep it simple

If you have understood how to write a superior quality guest post, feel free to submit one to my own blog. You’re welcome as a ‘thoughtful’ guest author. Your journey towards becoming a better guest blogger has begun. Greater SEO benefits are about to come your way.

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Please feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.


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