Wearable Wireless Keyboard-Time To Change Your Way Of Typing!.

Wearable Wireless Keyboard-Time To Change Your Way Of Typing!.

In this article, your are going to learn about a New Gadget named “Wearable wireless keyboard”as the technology is increasing enormously.The way of typing in Smartphones ,PC, Tablets, Laptops.Etc also quietly changing.

Go on read below to find out about this wearable wireless keyboard.

  • Well, you may be thinking about what is This gadget.
  • It’s the brand new Gadget which we can connect it to any Bluetooth connectable devices and use as a keyboard.
  • No more struggles with broken keyboard keys and small android screens.
  • Use any surface as a keyboard.
  • Easy to use, Just connect to any device like a smartphone ,PC, iPad, Tablet, laptop,etc with Bluetooth connectivity.

Let’s see How it works and Features:-

  • It works on detecting gestures of your fingers.
  • The sensor in it just detects your hand moment very accurately.
  • Don’t Expect any projection of keyboard surface nope.
  • It’s made of a soft flexible textile.so,it is very comfortable to work.
  • It just detects your finger moments to detect the letters you going to type.
  • Well, there is a training app to teach you about all too (Tap genius).
  •  Charge it using any USB cable or mobile charger.
  • You can just go-on typing for up to 4-hours.
  •  A standby of 72-Hours.
  • It will take 3-Hours to charge freely.
  • Compatible with VR Headset.
  • Three sizes are available currently.Small,large and medium.
  • Currently, it is being available to beta users in san Francisco Bay.
  •  It is expected to be commercially available by the end of this year.
  •   Well, you may be thinking about it’s prize Right , it is available for us in $119.


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