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PUBG game has been always among the list of most played as a well-liked game to date worldwide. While the game was allowed in India there were millions of players, fans as well other people who used to play this game on daily basis. Soon after the news of the PUBG ban broke down that moment was quite heartbreaking for many such people who were directly or indirectly linked with this game. There was news that was broken past a few months back that the game will be back in India with a new look, size as well as stature. Till that time people are looking forward and are waiting with all their patience for the game to back the back entry in India. Krafton was the company that made the official statement through the tweet about the PUBG: New State. This will a mobile-based new battle game supported on both androids as well as iOS devices.

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The pre-registration of this new avatar battle game is been linked is been made life now. Apart from this the gameplay trailer and the demo video of how to do the pre-registration is made available for all the players. All the details that are required are been mentioned in this article kindly go through them carefully. If you want to watch the video of PUBG gameplay or pre-registration that you can just click to open the link provided below.

PUBG New State Trailer:

 Google Play Store:

The release date of PUBG: New State:

As per several sources present on the internet, the official statement made up by Krafton indicates the release date of the game in the year 2021. So, till now the month and the day is not being mentioned but as per the ongoing PUBG invitationals for PC it would not that much surprised to see the information on the release date soon. The release date is somewhat uncertain but let’s hope for the best. The trailer released is the starting that the time can be near to March or April mostly.

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The pre-registration bonus of PUBG: New State:

Many sources have claimed the bonus linked with the PUBG: new state pre-registration link. As some exclusive benefits will be given to all those players who will pre-registering for the game said Krafton company on its main page. Well, there is nothing mentioned briefly till the time being but the company surely made it clear by writing a pre-registration bonus and soon after that mentioned new state will be including limited vehicle skins that are been underlined as the word permanent. The time will be surely providing more explanation on this statement of the company.

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 The pre-registration date of PUBG: New State:

The pre-registration date is from 25 February 2021 till the date the official statement is being made again. Thus, the link is open for how much time is untold by the Krafton company.

The android requirements for PUBG: New State:

As per the statement made by the company, there would not be any requirement to buy a brand-new android phone to play the PUBG: New State game. The old phone with android version 6.0 with 2.5 GB of RAM will be enough.

The Gameplay of PUBG: New State:

As per the official video being launched a few days back, there is a lot of footage that precisely tell us that the company has made several changes within the game with a lot of location change, weapon modification and much more. One thing which is clear that is the game is being expanded based on the original PUBG mobile. On the Google play store page, the company Krafton has written clearly in the bio: “Realistic gunplay optimized for mobile gaming”. There are chances of having customized weapons, vehicles, host and many more things.

The settings in PUBG: New State:

As per Krafton PUBG: New State is being set up in the PUBG universe that will be covering the year 2051 and there are no further surprises made out there. As it’s the future you may see some amazing weapons as well as electric cars, drones into play. The fraction of the game will be quite amazing to be explored that is for sure. Also, if we talk about the graphics than the excellent work can be noticed somewhat from the trailer itself. There is an expectation that global illumination technology is being used up here. Now let’s wait and see how the company has made advantage out of this advanced technology.

Apart from all this information, the audience is eagerly waiting to know whether the PUBG: New State game will be launched in India or not. Well, the first thing that is confirmed that the game is not being developed in China which was the only reason why the earlier version was banned. Due to this, the game has the chance to be launched in India but the Krafton company is yet to confirm this piece of information from their side. Then only the real thing will be known. 


All the information mentioned above will be updated based on further news. I hope the information was useful to all the people reading this. Happy gaming.

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